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Got a Merlot and Grey striped cashmere in the mail today with a wonderful handwritten note. Can't wait to wear it! Any recommendations on the best type of knot to go with this type of cashmere tie?
That's something to consider, I just have had my eye on that rough silk for a long time. I'm not having a super formal wedding (it's hindu), but you're right, the houndstooth will look better in pictures than a bright blue rough silk.That being said, I'm getting both, because that Ocean Blue Rough Silk looks awesome and I just want it. Maybe I'll wear it to someone else's spring time wedding.
Ordering ties for my wedding finally, getting two just in case. I personally want the Thai Rough Silk in Ocean Blue, but my fiancee is iffy about how that will look during a reception, so I'm getting the new blue houndstooth as well as a buffer. This is going with a mid grey suit and black...
I'm having a similar issue. I'll be wearing a mid grey suit for the reception and need to pick a tie for myself and my groomsmen. I personally like bright colors and was thinking this for my groomsmen and then something like this for me But then again, I think maybe I should be more...
I can't accept free suite tickets to Sunday's NFL game. Not because of a schedule conflict, but because we are not allowed to accept gifts of any kind. Hate everyone right now.
boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Can I have the suit please?
Quote: Originally Posted by Butter Darn, even the 38s might not work then. I have jackets in 30.5" (trying to get rid of), 30", 29" and 28.5". I can't really wear anything more than 29". Why not? If it's slightly long, it'll still look fine. It's right in the shoulders, the chest, sleeves are an easy fix. Dude, buy the damn thing. who cares about an extra inch of length, a good tailor can fix that too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Butter You have no idea how long I scoured the internet for this jacket in 38s. Dude, this should fit a 38s fine. Get the sleeves shortened up, it'll look great.
Hook em' Horns!!! Let's keep it to less than three losses this year.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewConvert Who's the coat made by? my dreams!
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