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@gdl203 @conceptual 4est I'm a size 3 in the conservation and 4 in the valve ---what size do you recommend for the present jacket? Also, I'm a size small in the bumfreezer---what size do you recommend for the double breasted and caban? Thanks,
HI, Question about sizing on the TS(S) quilted jacket preorder: A size 38 in the Monitaly vest, size 48 in the LBM Double Breasted Polo Coat, and size 4 in the Schneider Valve coat fit well---what size do you recommend for the TS(S) Quilted Jacket? Thanks,
Greg or Kyle, I missed out on the NR preorder. Will you be stocking sizes XS and S? Thanks,
Hi, Very interested in the Conservation and possibly the Thinner jacket as well and hope for some sizing clarification. I'm usually a 36S and wear the gemini in size 3 comfortably whereas the valve coat in size 3 was too narrow in the shoulder, and the valve size 4 fits better. Kyle, you mentioned that a size 4 was recommended for the Conservation and Thinner jackets...just want to clarify since some other information in this thread had some recommendations for a size 3...
@gdl How does Monitaly sizing compare to Schneider? I'm a size 3 in the gemini, a size 4 in the valve, and a small in inis meain. Also, how would the Oliver Spencer quilted blazer and the Mackintosh quilted jacket in size 36 fit in the context of the above? Thanks
Will the burgundy hooded villain's be restocked?
Thanks Newc.
What's the sizing on the juncus coat like...I fit a gemini size 3 and valve coat size 4? What sizing would you recommend for the juncos? Thanks,
Thanks for the explanation Greg. Glad to see NMWA's success. Will jump sooner in the future and be a patron.
Missed out on the small sized I Meain sweaters and size 36 Oliver Spencer maroon jacket...any idea when they'll be restocked? edited to include more items
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