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Will the burgundy hooded villain's be restocked?
Thanks Newc.
What's the sizing on the juncus coat like...I fit a gemini size 3 and valve coat size 4? What sizing would you recommend for the juncos? Thanks,
Thanks for the explanation Greg. Glad to see NMWA's success. Will jump sooner in the future and be a patron.
Missed out on the small sized I Meain sweaters and size 36 Oliver Spencer maroon jacket...any idea when they'll be restocked? edited to include more items
Interested but would need to know the measurements.
Field's English Tailors is one of the best tailors in DC.
i think that for alden the ratio [b/d, c/e etc] signify heel width/ball width.
I agree...I wish more US companies sized socks in narrower size ranges.
I know that there's a Harriet Lane Book of Pediatrics. Here's a bio that I found: http://www.medicalarchives.jhmi.edu/harrietlane.html
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