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Not sure of that. However, I assume RL purple label is close to Kiton or Tom Ford.
Thanks a lot for the reply. Isn't it right RL purple label is as prestigious as Tom Ford or Kiton?
Any guess why the price is so low? Less than 10 percent of the listed price?
Are they true to size generally? I am thinking of this one at ebay: The seller has kept selling the purple label suits for unbelievably low prices.
Ask this again: what is the difference between these two, please?
Anyone familiar with Corneliani logos in the pictures?
What is the difference between the two logos in the pictures? Is the one without the crown thing (light color) fake or an older model?
Can some one authenticate this Prada suit?         
This seller claims Canali Exclusive is Canali's highest line: What is the difference between Canali and Canali Exlusive? Which one is the mainline? Please, anyone?
How can we tell if a Canali suit is a mainline one? Tags? look? Anyone knows?
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