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Just imported this beautiful 60/40 parka from Japan, but alas it's a bit small and I can't return it, so my loss is your gain. Brand new w/ tags. Only tried it on. Size is tagged Japan S, but fits more like USA XS. Made in Japan with USA fabrics. Medium-lightweight parka, best for spring, cool summer nights, and fall. Pretty much the best 60/40 fabric you can get. I'm not sure if you can get this one in the USA, but similar Mt. Rainier Parkas go for $400-500...
So torn. I want a 1A so bad but since there's no easy way to try one on or return it I'm having serious second thoughts about the sizing. I found a 1A size 36 from last season that's apparently 19.5" p2p, length of 24.5" and an approx sleeve of 24", and then a size 38 from this season which is apparently a 20" p2p and a 26" length. Something doesn't add up really unless the sizing changes that much from year to year? I'm 5'7", 140lbs, slightly athletic build (37 or 38"...
I got one a couple of months ago. It's really awesome - it's definitely "weather poplin" in that it's a bit "crispier" than a softer cotton. I wear it probably way more often than I should, but it wicks moisture pretty well and breathes well too. I got caught in a bad rain storm two weeks ago with the jacket on and I got soaking wet. The thing dried up way faster than most other cotton blazer would and still looked great.The only downside to the fabric in my experience is...
Hey all - looking for a pair of Outlier 3-Way or New Way shorts in Size 31. I already have Navy, so I'd consider any other colors but I'm really looking for Grey or Olive. Less keen on Cobalt & Purp.
Anyone know any US stockists that have the SS14 Cambridge Shorts in Navy Weather Poplin? I emailed Nepenthes but they didn't know who may have gotten them, only that they did make them (and they don't have them at the moment). I saw the Bureau has them but I don't want to ship internationally if I don't have to.
Good to know since I'm always looking to buy used stuff or trade, etc.I prefer the Baker. It's slim, but not overly so (no over-obvious waist suppression or anything). I also liked the weather poplin a lot better than the cotton ripstop just because I feel like it has more uses (it can be dressed up a little bit more since it has a sheen to it), but it's also just as easily dressed down to super casual.Good to know about the pants. I think they have ghurka or Cambridge...
I found the Baker to be TTS with a slim fit, whereas the Bedford is boxier. I am 5'6", 37.5" chest and the Baker in size Small fits me perfectly. I found the Bedford small to fix pretty boxy and the XS to be too small in the chest for me.I am usually an XS in all EG shirts because they have been fitting more relaxed lately and the length on the small is way too long.
Snagged the Baker in Navy Poplin yesterday at Nepenthes and feel the same way about it. Thing is so versatile and classic looking. I heard they have shorts coming with the same navy poplin fabric so I might try to pull off the shorts suit. Wish they were doing pants in the same fabric so I could do a real suit with it
Steven Alan as well. Even in store in NYC I've seen a few pieces.
Picked up the Lafayette Pineapple Chambray shirt at Nepenthes on Monday. I'm a TTS small in everything except for length, and the XS was perfect. Still a little bit relaxed looking but the length is great. Sucks that I probably won't wear it for another 2 months at least.
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