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Quote: Originally Posted by andreyb2 ... please understand that it is not funny when one's name get (sic) mucked. Andrey Erm, yes, rather.
My, what an angry fellow Jensen is. May I suggest a change of filmic avatar?
For Mafoofan fans' reading pleasure: FOUNDER'S NOTE (THE RAKE, issue 12) As I write this, I am just one month shy of my 41st birthday. And it’s funny because I had always imagined that by this age, I would be a wise man; that I would have tapped into some inner cosmic truth that allowed me to see beyond the shadows refracted through my juvenile perception on the cave wall and allowed me to dispense sardonic witticisms with the glib gravitas of a Chinese Sean Connery....
Any feedback on our latest edition (Camps De Luca cover), gentlemen?
Singapore SFers: Further to that meet-up suggestion, Wei and I will be having drinks at Klee, Portsdown Rd, from 6pm onwards tonight - celebrated French shoemaker Pierre Corthay is in town and is hosting the evening. Please do feel free to drop in, meet one of the world's finest shoemakers, and say hello to The Rake team. Cheers, Christian KLEE #01-04 Wessex Village Square 5B Portsdown Road, Singapore
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles A good idea would be this ... Naturally it is also in breach of copyright laws I shall contain the righteous indignation provoked by the mere suggestion, but suffice it to say, any attempt to make such a move would be extremely ill-advised.
Greetings SFers, Christian Barker here, editor-in-chief of The Rake. Just wanted to drop in, say hello, thank you for reading The Rake, and let you know that we have been looking in on this thread periodically to take note of your comments on the magazine. We do take your feedback seriously - to wit, I'd be very happy to receive criticism (or, heck, even compliments) directly. You need only PM me via SF, or drop me an email - my email address is listed on the magazine's...
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