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I only started using Gilt about 6 months ago.....guess I missed all the good stuff
I have never had a crotch blow out.......ever. I just don't get it. I really like Nudies. I have 3 pairs.
Quote: Originally Posted by bradsmitty When I go to the website and type "finasteride" in the search I only get Propecia and Proscar as results. Is Finpecia the generic option under one of those? Sorry, it's Finasteride, not Finpecia that I use. My mistake. It's the same thing though. A generic for Propecia that is not yet available in the US market
justin bieber
How about we drop both "nigga" and "fag" out of the SF lexicon out of respect for the people here who take offense to them. Those terms are juvenile, obnoxious and completely unnecessary.
I can't see any differences between them
Hair restoration surgeries vary in price depending on how big of an area needs to be restored. What usually happens is that you have the surgery then have to go back for the surgery again at a later date (sometimes even a third or more times) because they can only do so much at once. It costs 5-6 thousand dollars each time. And the doctor will still recommend taking Propecia as a preventative measure for the hair you already have on your head. This is because if you go...
pm sent
Some fit pics. They came out darker than the coat actually is. It's a little lighter. And I took 1 close-up to show the coloring of the fabric.
Geez, I ordered my coat on yesterday and according to UPS its waiting at my door right now. That's some fast shipping!
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