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Quote: Originally Posted by GoldenTribe User daynnightamy (1 feedback, located in Tokyo) is selling / has sold Ann D items established as fake on StyleZeitgeist. Therefore, it follows that user treasurehoard (29,503 feedback, located in the US) sells "a lot" of fake items. Tell me what I'm missing here. EDIT: kunk beat me to it. Treasurehoard is a moderator at And he is a stand up guy. He is not selling anything...
Naked & Famous Weird Guys
those shoes are so ginormous on you
The more you shave it, the less it will itch. I have been shaving mine for years and there is no itching whatsoever. I do mine once a week.
Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong lanvinz in size 10 for $200 man i want the lows but they're too big
Quote: Originally Posted by sipang N. Hoolywood This is amazeballs. Probably only available in Japan, right?
Thanks for saving me 190 bucks
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Yeah, I was considering this one. I like it a lot. But the size is x. What does that mean? One size fits all?
Yeah, prices are jacked up. I bought the summer jeans at the last sale for $88 and now they are $128. I have a $177 credit that I will never end up using
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