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Gilt has designer axes on sale today for only the most discriminating lumberjacks
I get my Prilosec from I have been using them for about 2 years and never had a problem and its way cheaper than if I got it at CVS/Walmart.
Living in CT makes these sample sales so enticingly close but realistically, too silly to actually ever go to. It sucks
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six oh shit, I want these
I wish I could afford a whole wardrobe of those.
White after Labor Day........major faux pas. j/k Love the sweater
Damn, I ordered a pair of jeans from OakNYC on Monday night and they are already waiting for me at home.
Agreed. I would wear nothing but Epaulets if I could. Unfortunately, I can't even afford 1 pair, never mind enough to create a viable work wardrobe.
yeah, even the D1 Slim Fits are too baggy, so the D2 would look like a tent on me. And why would anyone pay more than 40 bucks for a pair of Dockers?
20% off all Clarks at today only. promo code CLARKS
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