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not wide.
What's the word on sizing for the MMM painted GAT lows? I normally wear 8.5US. Would I go for a 41(8) or 42(9)?
Quote: Originally Posted by speedy4500 To the OP: be sure to come back on and let us know how quickly you pack on 15 lbs of pure fat. I'm gonna guess about 2 weeks. Yeah, I was just going to say the same thing. After being in starvation mode for 20 days, your metabolism is going to be extremely low so eating solid food will cause you to retain calories and therefore you will gain back the weight rather quickly.
you would be better off at the hypebeast forums if those are the clothes that you like.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano I've always been a dog person. Love dogs. I can't really see getting a dog right now because it would be alone in the house about 12 hours a day. Dogs being pack animals don't like being alone that much. It drives them insane. Been thinking about getting a cat instead. They are more independent and can cope in that environment better. What kind of cat should I get. I don't want a foofy cat. I'd like...
I have a 7 month old purebred Bengal named Dexter
ban me?
Quote: Originally Posted by --Jonas-- This guy has problems Clearly. You know he had all those pictures saved to his hard drive. So we can surmise he is into gay and granny porn and has a morbid fascination with death and mutilation. He is probably a necrophiliac too.
ugh, I want the black metallics but they don't have my size
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