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I have owned 7 pairs of nudies and never had a crotch blowout. It's the luck of the draw. Actually, I have never had a single crotch blowout on any pair of jeans in my entire life. You guys need to stop rubbing yourselves so hard all day long
well then, you have succeeded brilliantly!
I think the Margiela jeans would look cool if they just had the swatch across the thigh. The knee pads are an unfortunate addition.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Because it's amazing. But you already knew that The price of the jacket on sale is almost as much as my rent and car payment combined, lol. Being poor is a pain in the ass
why oh why does that Nigel Cabourn Cameraman jacket have to be so expensive
no whites in my size oh well
blue paints gats for $219?
Cool, thanks!
Do you guys think the painted MMM gat lows at Barneys will reduced any further in the coming days/weeks?
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