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I want a pair of those so bad but i am waaaaaaay too poor to afford them right now
I wear a size 34 in Nudie Slim Jims. I just ordered a pair of size 33 New Cures. Do you think they will fit ok? This will be my first pair of APCs. I wanted a slim fit but not too skinny. I figure they will be pretty skinny when I first get them but will stretch out to a good fit after a week or two. Thought and opinions?
Hey guys, if I measure my waist with a tape measure 2 inches below my belly button is 35.5. I usually wear a 33 or 34 depending on the brand (33 in 7FAM and Diesel and 34 in Nudie) Which would be the best size for me to get in the Smiths? Thanks!
Has anyone taken pictures of themselves in the EP's raw denim yet? I am interested in getting a pair but would like to see how they fit people with various body types. I am 5'6 and have a 33 or 34 waist depending of the brand, what size would you recommend for me?
damn, the slim jims are sold?
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