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how about headin over to the Common Projects thread big guy
Slim Jim would be closest to New Standard imo /thread
^ what language was that?
What are these and where can I get them? Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerman I told my self I wasn't going to buy expenseve clothing for a while but I couldnt help but order these.
I got the ones pictures above in a proxied group buy on Sufu for $50 last summer. Very comfortable and holding up very well, although I don't beat up on my sneakers and also rotate through a number of different pairs so they are never getting constant use. I love them though
I have a pair of Nudie Tube Kelley Rinsed Strikey size 33x34 if anyone is interested. Dark blue, slim fit, low rise, dark blue color matched swongs on back pocket so they are barely noticable. Nice jeans, just don't fit me properly.
50% off some Jil Sander shoes at 6pm:
I took the tablets last time I started getting a cold. And I really did end up having a short duration, wimpy cold. However, that could have been completely coincidental. I would need to test it out a few more times to make a final decision. But, I will definitely try it again just based off of how quickly I got over that cold.
That may be fine. Not all Slim Jims are sized the same. I have 1 pair that fits perfect, one that is a little too loose and one that is much to tight and they are all 33 waist. So just wait and see.
who doesn't?
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