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Yeah, I was about to buy it. But he said its kind of a long jacket and I am short. He said I would look like Kenny from South Park in it So I decided to pass. The hunt continues for a good winter coat. Is there a thread for that yet?
20% off Jil Sander at Yoox. YOOXLOVESJIL
ok, thanks for the info. Guess your medium is safe for now!
I think I am a medium. What's the sizing like on these? I am only 5'6, but have a medium build (160 lbs, 33" waist) Do you suggest medium or small? I need something super warm for the winter. This is a pretty hardcore winter jacket right?
I need a good winter jacket for the New England winter. All I have right now are pea coats which suck when they get wet. What do you guys think about this RRL parka from Farinelli's?
I am quite tempted by the RRL red parka........
I wouldn't consider the Nudies or Communes carrot fit or drop crotch. They are just a skinnier fit. They are not like the Topman fits you linked to.
this thread is just brimming with idiocy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Scooba I just bought a kilo of the gelatinized maca. Why not give it a try? I'm on a medication that reduces sex drive sometimes so hopefully this will boost me back up to normal. I tried L'argenine and it almost made me puke. So its nice to see that this supposedly tastes good. Quote: Originally Posted by markhazel I just bought a kilo of maca gelatinized. Why not try? I am on a drug that...
I got a pair of these: And a pair of these: I really like them both. And they don't get much cheaper
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