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Do you get it to dissolve in water? Mine was just in big globs in the water. And once those globs hit the back of my throat I had to seriously concentrate on not gagging
I might have just wasted 40 bucks. Anyone wanna buy this stuff off me?
So, I got my gelatinized maca powder yesterday. Oh man, it tastes gross. I tried putting some in water last night and it just stays in big clumps. And this morning I tried putting some in oatmeal and I couldn't bring myself to eat even 1 bite of it, the smell was so bad.
So, PS 31 actually measures 33 inches at the waist and then will stretch another 1-2" more, correct?
none of that stuff shows on your website. I'm confused
Used? UO sells second hand shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by snuff_daddy I like Canada Goose but $600 is outta my price range. I am really diggin this one though. Part of me really wants to get it in red but I am worried I will get sick of the red at some point. I should probably stick with gray.
yeah, that one is secksy
Thoughts? Opinions? Fjallraven From China....
Thats a little too "Michelin man" for me. And waaaaaaaay outta my price range.
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