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I got the Ramblers today. My first pair of PRPS denim and they are fantastic. Thanks!
thinking of picking up a pair of black suede desert boots. I'm confused about the sizing. I am an 8.5US in just about everything I buy and do not have wide feet. Going back to the beginning of this thread people seemed to be sizing up but now people seem to be sizing down. What size should I be looking at?
Do you have to size up or down on Crates? I want a pair of the raw tapers as well. Do they stretch?
Any suggestions for black casual shoes. The type to wear with jeans to a semi-nice restaurant. Hoping to stay around the $100 mark since this is my first foray into shoes like this. I'm mostly a sneakers guy so I'm not sure where to even begin. All the shoes I have looked at so far are seem too dressy. Thanks!
Can't decide between lows or highs, get em both!?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid Quick White suede highs w/a gumsole for <$200? My Pumas are ruined Only size 12 left on this website but you could always start googling and looking at ebay.
yes, take comfort that as you age, the hair on your back and in your ears will grow lush and strong
geez, you guys have no sympathy
I can't do it. I just tried it again but my gag reflex is too sensitive. haha. Seriously, if anyone wants this bag of Maca, its yours for 30 bucks shipped. Price on the website would be 40 + shipping
Ask your doctor for Propecia. It's expensive and usually lowers a guy's sex drive, but it will stop you from losing more hair (it doesn't grow back the hair you have already lost). From what I have heard, I believe the hair loss gene comes from the maternal side.
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