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Quote: Originally Posted by snuff_daddy i was thinkin about that one too, can u post some good quality pics of that one when u get it? also did u see the grey jacket that i bought in the store? The one that you bought (which is also the same one that I really wanted) was not at the store. I was bummed. But after finding this one and being able to try it on and liking it, I decided to go with it. I will post pics when I get it. It...
I ordered some too. It's in the mail now. I am looking forward to trying it. I also ordered thi: I have been using an electric all my life. I had been using a cheap Remington Triple Foil that you can buy at Walmart for like 60 bucks. This time around I bought a very expensive Panasonic wet/dry razor and I kind of hate it. Hopefully the Tend and Lab Series will make me love it.
YES! I almost went to LL Bean today to buy a winter coat but was too lazy after work. Thanks! I was going to buy the one you got, snuff. But they actually had this one at the LL Bean store and I tried it on and really liked it.
yeah, those are ghastly
Where is that APC puffer jacket from? I am definitely interested
Does anyone know if LL Bean ever has online sales or coupon codes? I just signed up for their website. I have never owned anything from LL Bean. I want a winter coat but am hoping to save a little on it but don't want to just sit around waiting if they never offer discounts. Thanks.
Shipping cost from Ssense would be $12 for 1 pair of jeans? Wtf?
Common Projects for under $150 on Tobi. Limited sizes (mostly 45 and 46)
Thats how Banana Republic pants fit. Baggy and shapeless.
No idea if any of you guys would like these or not but why not throw the link up for you all to discuss. (they are not mine, just saw them while browsing. Definitely a baller price)
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