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I just got a pair of PS that someone owned and wore for a week. The waist might be stretched about an inch more than I need. Will the waist shrink some if I just put the top block in hot water for a bit and let it air dry or does that not work with APC denim?
I have never used Freshballs. Things in my nether-regions are status quo. Freshballs sometimes advertises on Howard Stern
Anyone looking to sell PS in size 32, hit me up
Just got 3 pairs of Alphas at TJ Maxx for 12 bucks each. Love the fit. All mine fit true to size (same waist size as typical pair of jeans)
I'm in America and would love the 31's
Is this a heavy winter coat or more of a fall/spring coat? I can't tell from the pictures
*SOLD* These are a couple years old but haven't been worn that much. They had 1 hot soak when I first got them but have never touched water since. The denim is still very dark and relatively stiff. There is a slight wallet fade on the right back pocket, but no other fades or whiskers yet. Tons of life left in them to make them your own. Please let me know if you have any questions. Only flaw is the pocket stitching on the front pocket has started to come...
In canada, they have a generic form of propecia thats not available in the US yet. I order it online. It costs $79 for a 3 month supply. It's a completely legit website and I need to send them a prescription to get it. It's nothing shady or weird
Quote: Originally Posted by bougiecrew they're expensive but i think these are what i've been looking for. if anyone has these or has tried them on, let me know how they fit. If you're willing to pay that much money, save yourself $100 and get some from Epaulet
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