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Just every day shoes. I don't own anything baller. 8.5 in Adidas and New Balance. Never tried on any other MMM shoes/sneakers.
For the boots, if I'm an 8.5, should I go for a 41 or a 42?
I've been taking Propecia/Finasteride for almost 7 years. I started with Propecia for a few years, which was expensive as hell. I now get Finasteride from $87 for a 3 month supply. I'm not sure that it has re-grown any hair but it has certainly stopped the hair loss. I have way more hair on my head than my younger brother does now. I have not had any side affects at all. Rogaine dried out my hair and scalp too much so it looked like I had...
Is there already a discussion on this somewhere? I was expecting there to already be a 20 page thread going on about this but don't see anything. "It’s official! Maison Martin Margiela is teaming up with H&M on a collection due out in the fall. Maison Martin Margiela was founded by Martin Margiela, 55, the reclusive Belgian designer known for his avant garde work. Though Margiela retired in 2009, an in-house team at the fashion house continues to churn out crazy...
I know that NS has a higher rise than PS. I had to return the PS cause the rise was too low for me to be comfortable. Does the NC has a rise like PS or NS? Thanks!
I bought these from Nil last week for $100. He stated he had them for about a year but only wore them for about a week. The only sign of wear is a very slight fade on back right pocket. It's hardly noticeable. They are unsoaked and unaltered. The waist has stretched to 18 inches across. The fit doesn't work for me, I only wore them for about 10 minutes. So I would like to sell them for what I paid for them. I am located in the US and the price includes shipping if...
I'm sure the answer of this is somewhere in 229 pages of this thread, but whats the difference between the T-xxx and S-xxx fits on the Uniqlo denim. Looking at both a pair of T-000 and S-002 on ebay. What's the difference? I appreciate the help
I just got a pair of PS tagged 32 here in the B&S section. This fit isn't going to work for me. Looking to trade for some NS in a 31 or 32. PM me if interested. The PS look brand new except for the tiniest bit of wallet fade on the back right pocket. I only tried them on, previous owner said he wore them for about a week.
If you're looking for blue sneakers, I thought these actually looked pretty good. Simple and nice shape and on sale for 38 bucks. There are also all white ones but not on sale, so they are $54
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