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^copped and it said I will be getting it tomorrow ... should I be alarmed? Never used or heard of vaunte before but 150 for virgil lows too good to pass up
I own that jacket (may sell idk) and yeah it wouldn't really be useful in the rain. Looks cool though. Has a huge hood and lots of dangly bits
Norse store sale at 50% now. Anyone know if it goes deeper? http://www.norsestore.com/page/sale-summer-2014
Whoops sorry on mobile. Thanks
tencel bomber gang
WTB: sz 48 MDR black (preferably with silver zips) May also be willing to sell my TOJ 1 jason bourne colorway in sz 48.
actually nvm
Anyone get a reply from tikwid in the last day? I asked whether I could use the 20% off code and I haven't heard from him since.
Ordered a ~$350 acronym piece from them before and no customs. P sure it was marked down
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