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I live like 7 minutes away from Howlin Rays but the 2 times I've been around there, the line is just WAY too crazy. Is a damn chicken sandwich worth a ~2 hour wait?
Was gonna buy Westpoint chinos for $55, but nah. Gotta show restraint fellas. No need to buy something just cuz it's cheap, you feel. New year new me lol .... who am I kidding though lol
Yo, I know the consensus on Yeezy is probably negative nearly everywhere but I copped the Velcro strap cargo pants from Season 3 (on sale though), and they're actually pretty damn nice. Material feels quite substantial, it has an interesting pique texture to it, and they create a silhouette that I normally don't see very often, especially when paired with high tops.http://www.endclothing.com/us/yeezy-season-3-velcro-cargo-pant-kw3m508-218-to.htmlI like em a lot for its...
Honestly, I bought Svenson's before (margom sole, made in Italy, Achilles silhouette) and I've regretted it ever since. They're currently sitting in a box in my garage, whereas I wore my CP's religiously for years. There's a reason why CP's are still what everyone pines for year after year. If I've learned anything from 6+ years of being on these fashion forums/buying jawns is to always go for the real thing. Cheaper alternatives or whatever always ends in...
Any of you guys have experience with Larose? Thinking of buying a cap but am unsure of sizing... I know it's adjustable, but Patrik Ervell's hats were tiny and I couldn't fit em. For reference I'm a 7 5/8 in new era sizing which is kinda on the large side. Many thanks.
This thing is beautiful. I'd have bought already if it were more of a 40r
Yep, I'll take any size 50 Richard pants if y'all need to get rid of any. BTW a couple things looked like they came back at KNYEW. Don't think I saw the Daniel coats the other day when I checked.
Kyoto is great, very interesting and distinct, not sure how to describe it. Some describe it as a zen temple/incense and I second Wonderwood, though wonderwood is more of a sweet, woodsy, bright fragrance to my nose. East Dane had some steals, not sure if Qasa's are still wanted, but some great prices on those. And I spent an arm and a leg at Notre already lol and it's only Tuesday ....
Wanted Geller Richard Pants. Don't care which season or colorway. Would definitely prefer non-cropped however. Thanks guys
I kinda want to buy a pair of Richard pants for boot tucking but I think some of the newer cuts are too cropped/slim. Are their slightly wider/longer iterations out there? I remember some, but forgot the years. Also if any of yall have recs for a pant with a similar nubby/interesting texture like the Richard, it'd be much appreciated.
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