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Hey guys, just started working in ktown about a week go lol. Any recs for lunch spots? (aside from straight up Korean) I've had belly & snout and beer belly so far. Both super filling though I also assume there may be a dearth of noteworthy places around here...
Nah quality doesn't compare. It looks similar, and would seem similar on paper, but having gotten a pair (about 2 years ago) for $125, I would have paid about $100 more for Achilles (sale price of course). The leather quality for Svenssons isn't something to write home about. Vastly sub-par to the butteriness of CPsYeah, it's Made in Italy and has a Margom sole, but if I've ever learned anything from years of buying jawns is to always go for the real deal.Would not buy...
May consider Obsidian too. I'm willing to pay around retail. Let me know if you have any leads or want to make an offer. Thanks!
What size did you pick up and what's your waist?
Tbs code not working yet? Or it has a lot of exceptions ...
Could I get an excldued brand list for this? Tried a couple things and couldn't get it to apply
If someone can get me the leg opening for M or L cashmere blended pants I'll love you for a day
I've got a 46 black tencel bomber that I may sell (started lifting and got way bigger than I expected) But the caveat is that the seam ripped a bit in the shoulder and I think one of the inner fabric strap seams also ripped a bit. (rips are unnoticeable when wearing though) I think others can agree that the tencel bomber is fairly fragile tbh. It just ripped when I put the jacket on and off. Not like I was doing anything extreme
Anyone able to help me find frames similar to these in style? Want to keep it around 200 or less. Looking for the metal bridge and the rounded lenses in particular. Many thanks in advance.
Southwillard 40% off http://www.southwillard.com/
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