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I enjoy my Hamilton as well
I have one. Like it a lot.
I love Seagull watches, have had a few. Currently have a Prometheus that has a Seagull movement in it. Never any complaints. I don't think they get the respect they deserve.
Great watch, got rid of the stock band as you did, then also did a dial swap, and changed the seconds hand for one from an Orient Mako.
I had a slightly different version of that watch. The hands are blued steel and actually in real life look pretty dark, only look blue like in their picture if you catch the light right. You can see in a picture I posted in this thread previously.
Modified Seiko 5
Been contemplating getting one of those since I noticed Bill Murray wore one of those is "Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou"
Been wanting one of these for a while now, finally got around to buying one.
Hands working their way loose, while not normal is not is not unheard of. Can happen to any watch.This is not that difficult of a thing to fix yourself. Remove the caseback then remove the movement. Directions can be found easily online.Once the movement is out, find a pen like the one pictured, remove the actual writing insert. It is made from a soft nylon material that won't damage the hands or dial.Line up the hour and minute hands , use the pen insert to press it...
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