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It's such a beautiful fabric...I'm sure anything you make out it will look fantastic.I've been meaning to purchase this fabric for a long time now. This will be my fourth Fox Flannel suit.
SB notch lapel, double vent, pleated, cuffed trousers.
Very nice fabrics from Fox...I am just now having the navy chalk stripe made up after purchasing about one year ago. I also ordered this fabric from Fox this morning:
Lots of crap is "acceptable" to lots of people in the "real world," but popular acceptance of such crap as justification for it being fine does not follow.[/quote] +1000
Very nice, congratulations...I never get tired of looking at pictures of Sam Hober products!
I agree regarding returning the suits to Men's Warehouse...even a great tailor can't make steak out of hamburger...
Sorry, but I find the new layout extremely confusing...many of us belong to multiple forums...almost all of the forums use the same version of the same software. I am used to seeing things in a particular format, and I'm afraid this format is a step backwards.
Do what us short people need to your ties at Sam Hober!!
The swatches are well worth it.
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