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Sure, here you go:
With my tailor, and Fox Flannel, that suit could be made for a total of about $1,500.00...full canvas, functional buttonholes, lots of hand sewing, etc.
By the way, the eighteen (18) flannel swatches they sent me were 6" x 7"...very usable for a change!!
Yes, they sent me swatches of their entire standard flannel line last year.They have also sent me swatches of various other fabrics that I requested.
You cannot order online...you can order by phone, fax, or email. They now accept credit cards.Contact Debbie Hutchinson at the address below:Debbie@foxflannel.com
I just purchased some flannel from Fox for 42 GBP per meter. This is their new regular price for the CBT5 13/14 oz flannel I ordered...last year it was 30 GBP.
Sorry, but it seems to me that the suit appears too small, too short, and too fashion forward...it looks like something that might have fit a few years ago while you were still growing. Granted, I am an old guy, but if I saw someone wear this in a business environment, I would assume the wearer to not know too much about suits.
Sam Hober is in the lead...and gaining.
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