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I've also place five or six orders with Rian and never had a problem.
Hey Spoo, can you share the names of the fabrics for these two coats below? They are both beautiful!!
Rule Number One: Get closer to your subject.
This is a poll to rate your overall satisfaction with your wardrobe.
I can understand that the tailor does not want his name (and reputation) associated with am alteration which he feels could potentially reflect poorly on him. I have refused the requests of clients once or twice over the last thirty years in my field (not tailoring). Sometimes a client will ask for something that goes against the grain of your principles, or for something that simply will not work, or is too risky. Part of what clients pay me for is my expert opinion,...
A typical retailer may price a suit with higher grade wool $500.00 or more above the price of a suit made from the "standard" fabric. The additional cost of that wool is most likely less than $50.00.This is one of the major reasons I like to use a custom tailor who will quote a CTM price while I supply the fabric. I've had suits made from Fox Flannel, Huddersfield, Minnis, Harrington, and others. I don't believe I've ever paid more than about $250.00 per suit for the...
The cost of fabric represents a very small piece of the pie when compared to the total costs of ready to wear including labor, equipment, overhead, setup, manufacturing, packaging, wholesale distribution, and finally, retail costs.
Do all of you thin buff twenty somethings honestly think that we fifty somethings were overweight in our twenties and thirties? Many of us fifty somethings that are now twenty to thirty pounds overweight only became so over the last fifteen years or so. Do you believe that yours will be the first generation that is "fit for life" as you enter your golden years? It is not my intention to start a war here...just curious as to your thoughts.
I had an overcoat made of this fabric (760 gram, 25 oz.) last year:
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