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OH no, you completely misread my tone and I 100% understand why. I am in no way annoyed at meermin. They're making lovely shoes at a fantastic price. What annoys me is that the moment I finally choose a single shoe I want and am ready to pull the trigger, I find out I might secretly have more options than were initially apparent.Annoyed is the wrong word, its more like, decision anxiety haha. Not being able to afford, at present, more than one shoe makes it almost an...
Derek I don't want to derail your brilliant idea for a thread (because we need random fashion thoughts too), and I'll say that these shoes remind me of shoes I believe Doc Holiday (correct me if im wrong) put up of—martegani shell chukkas that were absolutely stunnng, and even more so due to his before and after polishing.As for Fritzl, I'm not going to engage your general predilection for the unpleasant other than by saying that your overall attitude here resembles this,...
Seconds doesn't mean the shoe is crappy, it means it has a minor defect that ultimately won't spoil the look of the shoe in the long run. I have CG church's on the city line, and they're actually fully lined in leather, but they're also chelseas and probably a bit more expensive. I've worn them maybe 7 times but have loved them over the past year or so, and have really taken good care of them. No sign of aging, but again, I've worn them under 10 times.
See that's what I find odd. The largest number of complaints regarding AE is dedicated to the blobby lasts, thick 360 welt, and overall fundamentally unsleek appearance, and I think is true with the exception of a few shoes such as the Dalton or Malvern. But to the point, your shoes are almost exclusively blobby, heavily welted, and fundamentally unsleek, and while I respect another's right to have tastes that deviate from my own sense of aesthetics (do not read this as my...
Do you really not like AE's or that EG is like AE for the rich?
This annoys me a bit, because I have no idea what variety of things are available off their website. Their tumblr has only a few things that are different from the website and part of the classic collection.If i wanted the ama wholecut in a light brown leather, would I have to go MTO, or would they just make it for me? While at first it seemed like the answer would invariably be the former, it now seems like it could feasibly be the latter as well.
Love your carmina boots, and therefore respect your opinion on shoes. would you go for the tassels?
I feel sad leaving out certain items for months at a time. Eventually i break down and wear a linen madras shirt in february, and continue to wear suede mocs if it's not snowing out. I wear my brogue boots in the summer. I can't wear wool coats in the summer, but the thing is I find it weird to say, I cant wear my liberty ties in the winter because they're too cheery or pastel. Why should or wardrobes also suffer seasonal affect disorder? I have a rust orange paul stuart...
I really don't mind the look of oxfords with denim. I already have a ferragamo cap toe, and tbh (and I know i'll catch a lot of shit for this here) I don't really like the look of a PTB or LWB .
I can't for the life of me decide which to buy. I'm almost 22, I almost always wear denim, even with a sport coat. Which of these do I get? http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2345# or http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=1938#
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