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I bought mine from a shop in Australia, and it was pretty easy. I ordered the makeup I wanted over the phone, and then 5 weeks later they arrived at my door.
I've taken them on a few hikes, but I'm not sure why festivals could possibly do this much wear unless youre jumping in mud and getting them stepped on a lot. I think 20 wears plus a few days at festivals has done a lot more to these shoes than it should have. I'd talk to RM about it.
9 months and once every couple of weeks is like 20 wears. That's not very much for what those look like.Here are mine: wear them maybe 2x a week and have had them for 9 months as well. Have you spoke to RM about this?
I have an RM history question. I'd be fascinated to know if the wholecut and chelsea were already popular styles in Australia and if RM made such boots to fill a demand, and later because the main manufacturer of them, or if RM pioneered the idea himself. Henry baxter etc all seem to make a wholecut, and I cant tell if its simply an imitation, or because it's a classical style. Any insight into the matter would be really fascinating for me!
Excellent! This is exactly how I want to use my Yearlings but I don't have the courage
I was a hair away from being the one member of my family who didn't get RMs in september. I would have gone for baxter, even though I would have felt left out in a family of 6 and counting Rms.
I love my RMs but you're being a dick. Wraith reliably offers different viewpoints about boots of similar origins at a lower price. There was a good chance I wasn't going to be able to afford my RMs, and Baxter would have been a good alternative.
Giving this a bump for my fratello who is jetsetting while I have to stay here and work like a dog. He's dying for some info I can send him. Please help a mostly underdressed, recently employed new college graduate find his sartorial footing, somewhat frugally, in italy?
Been away from the forum for a bit. I'm glad to hear that. And I don't blame you, sometimes things cascade and crash down and drive us crazy. To be honest, that post you wrote in APril sounded pretty levelheaded and very reasonable on your part, so props to you.
Nevermind, I think they're AS.
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