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Depends on where he lives. The selection of Sears that take Land's end stuff is pretty small last time i checked.
Ideally: Flat front, not tapered, no cuffs. Size 31 waist 31-32 inseem. Dressy cotton or wool preferred. Price range: $50-100
Can we get a fit picture on that tweed coat?
what's the upper thigh measurement
are these raw? can we get a bigger picture?
nice jeans
I am looking for a first suit. 2 or 3 buttons is fine. Something that is flexible enough to cover all situations. Navy or gray preferred , but I will consider a black one. Size: 36R pants 30 waist 31-32 length. Thanks
definitely interested. You should attach pictures to your post. Or use a image hosting service
looks nice
and some measurements
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