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Fits great! Looks sharp!
Anyone tried this?
The downside over at Iris is that there's no 3-way mirror there. So for those heading down to Iris for business, it's best to have a 'spotter' with you...
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Quickest fix is to add a little pad on your right shoulder. That will pick the shoulder up and remove the diagonal wrinkle. The other way is to remove the sleeve, open the shoulder, recut the shoulder, make the shoulder again and put the sleeve on. The right shoulder looks a little bumpy. Might correct that along the way. Thanks for the pointers!
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos I wouldn't do anything based on one picture. May be the way you are standing at the moment. It really isn't that bad. Sleeve length and shirt cuff look great Well, I took quite a few shots on the back and yet the puckering remains visible near the right armhole. The left is ok though. Will the adjustment on the affected area require substantial handiwork?
Quote: Originally Posted by Yika nilfire77, mind sharing the cost (pm if you feel more comfortable that way)? PM-ed
Here's a better photo after some steaming on the fabrics... And hopefully it tells a different story this time round... I noticed a little puckering near the right armhole on the back... Is it normal?
Quote: Originally Posted by dbc Did the 5 fittings include measurements? I assume you live in Singapore and picked in up recently? That's a yes for both questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by dbc Could you please explain this further? Are you saying that Asian men's different chest shapes mean a U shape is better? To OP: How many fittings did you go for and how long was the entire process?Looks not bad at all. I have an odd jacket in the works at Iris, we'll see how that turns out. I had a total of 5 fittings over a span of nearly 2 months. It was a busy period for Nani and co then.
Quote: Originally Posted by Son Of Saphir Your tailor do collar very poor, it bulges out. Many tailor make poor collar, even big names. Thanks for the comments. Do u have any pictorial example of how a perfect collar looks like? Or at least near perfect? Thanks again!
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