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Well I'm trying to keep it as clean as possible for the time being despite maybe 1 or 2 stains that are impossible to remove. Just wanted to know some good washing products that I can use while soaking them. What did you use when you washed them?
I've heard using bleach isn't always too good because it wears on the fabric, is there a special kind of bleach I should be looking for? Should I throw these in the laundry machine or should I soak + add bleach in the tub or whatever? I mean its not permanently stained because I've used my Tide to go pen on most of the spots but you can tell its picking up the dust / dirt from places and it needs a wash soon. Thanks guys.
Sorry I might have worded my statement / questions wrong. How do I keep my white denim jeans as white as possible in terms of cleaning them. How should I clean them? Is there a specific method or product I should use to keep it as white as possible?
I have a pair of white NDG denim and I need some basic information about taking care of them. How should I was them? Should I treat them like Indigo Raw Denim or do I need to use a specific product / method etc. What products does everyone use?
Anyone have some tips for washing / caring for White Denim? Should I just treat it like I would to raw denim?
Awesome work man. Do you make any other types of bracelets? PM me if you got some bracelets you haven't posted up. Do you do other works with different material other than leather?
Zissou have you gotten denim hemmed at Self Edge? How good are they? This is 5 less than BiG lol. Snuff_daddy thats but I was looking for NYC only.
Hey guys like the title says I want to get a pair of NDG white denim hemmed. Where would the best place be other than BiG (cost 30$) and 45rpm (no longer does outside brands)? Reason I don't want to bring it to a around the corner tailoring place is because I'm afraid of how good they are at doing the process (heard bad stories) so unless you have a reputable place please refer me to some stores.
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