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Nah, excercise a little to start. You'd be surprised how those extra pounds make you look older. Get a proper haircut, focus on grooming. You'd be surprised how good looking the average person is when they take care of themselves.
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim Not really. Women want "attractive", not necessarily "good-looking" guys. To women, an "attractive" guy is one who is confident, has a good sense of humor, spikes their emotions, takes the lead and is fun to be around. A not-so-good-looking guy can overcome his (lack of) looks with those traits, whereas a "good-looking" guy who does not have the above traits will crash and burn with women. I have seen it done...
Man, that guy's a dick!
You women want good looking guys. Full stop. What makes them good looking depends on the girl. But it's all about whether or not they like your face. A good looking guy in a suit is stylish, a bad looking one is a dork. A good looking guy in jeans and A & F is hip, a bad looking one is a slob. A good looking guy in khakis is cute, a bad looking one is lame. When a good looking guy surprises her at work, or sends her a card or buy her the perfume she smells best in...
Could somebody fill in a newbie on the pink Attolini tie jokes? Please?
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs I will give the tie to one random poster in this thread. I will cover the cost of shipping. Why are you guys all posting in this thread? He already said he was giving it to me. Mighty generous of him too. Class Act, AnGeLiCbOrIs. Class act.
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