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hey slann, the skinny belts seem to have weak buckle pins. i thought it was just me but they break on my girlfriend's ones as well. score on the chocolate wyatts, i think those were the best color by far, they go with everything perfectly. jbidwal, those are the ss15 reissues of the super destroyed jeans. i like mine, but as you can see they're not nearly as destroyed as the originals.
i have lots of the skinny studded belts. the buckles always break. maybe i'm just fat
there will be 45mm versions of the french boots. later. i can see lots of people wearing the high versions though...give it six months or so
most of slimane's jackets since forever have been lamb, even at dior, with a few notable exceptions. for whatever reason, most probably because it's a finer leather than calf. this season is an exception, there are a handful of calf jackets, probably because he went on a huge cowboy kick. there are many variations amongst the lamb used in the sl jackets, they're far from all the same. some is thicker, some thinner, more polished, less polished. the L17 lamb is very...
i would strongly advise you guys to chill with the preorders. this isn't even half the collection, the sizing's going to be very different, the jeans have a different rise and leg, etc. and it's not going to be manufactured for months yet.
yeah, the kooples are ripping hedi hard. they always have, their business started as rips of his old collections from dior. the funny thing now is the prices are like halfway to the real thing, but the quality is shit. but they're ripping everything, right down to the belts, scarves, and hats. it's pretty amazing that they get away with it, and it's pretty funny that their rips aren't even very good.
hold on while i remove hedi's tiny french penis from my ear. let's all be friends now, ok?
lol "bawlin" why do you treat everything as a fight? should i retaliate? how about: advice on earning credit card points from the guy with gold rolex avatar he doesn't have who discusses bmw's he doesn't have is pretty much the definition of "fucking wannabe". as is buying designer fashion in bulk to resell on the internet. it's interesting how anytime i bring up the distinction between wannabes and the real thing...a certain type of person tends to go insane. as i've...
i don't know. for example, there's this dude on grailed "eric schiele" who just posted several pairs (?) of the new super destroyeds bought from the website. he does this regularly. clearly he's not going to wear them, but nor is he returning them. i mean i have a pair, but what's the point of buying everything in a given size/model from the website? some kind of weird hoarding fetish? lol wtfffff. fucking wannabes. anyways, regarding clothes. if you're under 5'10ish...
what is the deal with people that buy sl just to resell it on grailed or ebay at the same price they bought it for, instead of returning it? am i missing something here? it's really annoying, i'd much rather buy from the website than from random resellers.
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