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whats up guys. i'm selling both cigar suede and black leather wyatt boots in 42.5 (ss16). slightly small on me. pm me if you're interested. L01 D10 python wyatt
maybe, maybe not. as one of the few forum members here apart from prudy who actually has sl furs i think the quality's just fine. but that's not the point. the point is that fashion types constantly use a variety of tiresome tactics to essentially snob factor hedi and the various movements he builds. the quality's low! he makes clothes people not just hairdressers actually want to wear! zara rips it off!! and so on. all these are basically ways to avoid the fact, tho,...
"prorsum's leather commands more applause" lol. from who? bryanboy? "fendi's mink collar top coat feels more luxurious" lol are they sourcing magic minks from deepest siberia? who are you kidding dude? how's burberry doing as an actual, company, champ? not too well, right? how's fend doing with it's rtw forays? not too well, right? your entire stream of comments is utterly divorced from reality. the fact is that fashion is stagnant precisely because of what you...
the tisci quote is from some ssense email i got when i wrote that post, but it encapsulates fashion industry logic perfectly. sport-grunge separates! spiritual gravity!
all i can tell you guys is i'm happy i stocked up, this isn't going to end well. hiring vaccarello is beyond stupid, ysl would've been better off just reissuing slimane's ten collections for the next five years. as my gf said, "fucking wackarello. he manages to make models look shapeless and ugly". fashion is gonna be really boring without a slimane like figure in the industry. "Jesus graphics bring spiritual gravity to Riccardo Tisci’s sport-grunge separates". fucking...
prudy, udo, looking good.
those of you who are in london if you wanna hit bond st for one last goodbye, msg me anytime.
not april fools, had it confirmed last week. let's wish him luck at chanel and thanks for an incredible and all-too-short four years. brilliant and beautiful collections to go out on.
hey jd, did you see any suede bikers on the list? i didn't, but maybe i missed them.
In fact, I have both "cigar" and "tobacco" right here. As you can see, they're exactly the same. It's just a translation error, "cigare" became "tobacco".
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