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the creepers all fit the same, like exangel said, big by at least half a size. due to the shape of the toe.
that's the beach box shirt, its awesome. highly recommended. great cut and fabric. just make sure if you get one that the print on the front matches up (i.e., the palm tree on the front isn't "broken"). given ysl's constant production issues, some got made with the print mismatched. and trust mr porter, that's exactly the one they took a fit pic of! obviously, the shirt looks much better when the print lines up correctly. there are some fit pics on my instagram...
hey guys, i don't quite know how to describe the fit of the raw hem jeans...they feel narrower at the waist, and then bigger at the thigh, and then wider through the leg. it's a little strange. like a different cut of jean almost. best to try them on, i think. in general, i think the ss and aw13 jeans were the best, like keiran says. after that, the cuts changed quite a bit...and they keep changing every season. the waist was positioned better, the leg was skinnier, and...
as i predicted a while back, most of you are beginning to like the new collection now. i think it's pretty visionary stuff. hell, at least it's interesting and it has a point, unlike most men's fashion these days. some notes. the proportions on the bikers could be better. they're not nearly as slim and cropped as earlier seasons...they're longer and a little boxy. the concho jeans are fun, if a little ott. the raw hem jeans have a treatment i still can't quite figure...
yes, that's probably your best option. but i'd be very careful that the tailor doesn't distort the silhouette too much. maybe the shape just isn't right for your frame, unfortunately. also note that the blazers are cut differently; the classic ones (like the tux jacket i think you're trying on) are cut more generously.
Saint Laurent Paris Studded L17 Biker Jacket Classic SLP Biker, signature cropped slim fit, studs, silk lining, the works. BNWT Size 48, fits slim 100% soft luscious lamb P2P 49 S2S 43 $3500 https://www.flickr.com/photos/60855061@N08/sets/72157650301201171/
Rare Lewis Leathers "Tight Fit" Lightning Perfecto Jacket This is the closest you will get to an SLP Biker at a fraction of the price. You can't get these anywhere except the Lewis Leathers store in London (and even then they're difficult to get). Cut for the Japanese market, the "tight fit" jackets are cropped, narrow, and slim--not at all like typical mid-market perfectos (i.e. Schott, etc). The fit is almost indistinguishable from my SLP bikers. BNWOT 100% thick juicy...
SLP D03 Washed Blue Jeans BNWOT, Worn once for fit Size 30 Waist 41 Hem 19 $350 https://www.flickr.c...57650012778391/ SLP D03 Washed Black Jeans BNWOT, Worn once for fit Size 30 Waist 41 Hem 19 $350 https://www.flickr.c...57649612389898/
SLP Military Cropped Peacoat Awesome cropped peacoat made of substantial warm wool, anchor engraved buttons, slim fit, silk lining, the works. Size 48, fits slim S2S 43 P2P 51 Worn maybe 4-5 times $1250 https://www.flickr.c...57650026216475/
SLP Harness Biker Boots Size 43, fit true Worn for 2-3 weeks, vibramed from day one Purchased new from SLP 57th St $500 https://www.flickr.c...57650026101445/
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