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doesn't work in eu/uk yet. and like i said, the sale selection is really weak this time around. you're not missing much.
santiag harness is the same, santiag suede fits differently in different batches, some are a little bigger than others. i'd stay true to your wyatt size if i was you.
don't worry, the online sale selection is pretty crap. apart from the harness santiags, not a lot that's really worth having.
ahaha icvcss nice one!! you're the best dude, that's pretty fucking cool.
if its almost a 10, get the 43. the aw13 wyatt is not cut small, the toe is the same (i.e. pretty big). only the shaft is narrower.
i'd guess both ysl (and lvr, they only put stuff on sale that sl lets them) will put them on sale, since they haven't sold out. i could be wrong though. it's funny people didn't buy them, they're awesome, the removable harness means you can wear them with everything, the goodyear sole makes them easier to wear. way more useful than wyatt harness boots.
probably. best ss15 boots, i recommend highly. wear mine all the time
i believe bond st will get the french 45s keiran, check with seun. i think this collection is very good, back to basics. it will sell really well, obviously. the pieces i've seen in person are pretty convincing. the fits are skinnier again than last season (but not as extreme-bone-crushing skinny as fw13) at least for the stuff i've tried. it's simple and to the point. i'd bet a lot more people will wear the 85s than we think right now, they look pretty good (and not so...
denim prices have gone crazy, they even retroactively raised them on the stock left in the stores. ugh.
the lambskin in the cafe racer is like the L01, not the L17. i.e. it's smoother and thinner. like the jacket you got from me prudy it's cut pretty small, so like codifying says, you might need to size up. if you want to know what it looks like worn, it just looks like a cafe racer i wouldn't buy duckies one size big, they're already cut pretty generously because of the point toe.
New Posts  All Forums: