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lol the taobao fake before the real one being released. what a comment on the state of fashion. is sl giving pre production stuff to k-pop stars? lol, that's pretty horrifying. i don't know about this stuff, it's a little forever 21 for my taste. i think hedi does better when he sticks to severity, design, sheen. but i'll give him cred for pushing the edge. and the fucking hats when they come are going to be truly trashtastic.
unfortunately that t-shirt is from the f/w 1999 hedi by hedi slimane collection, "str8 outta compton". totally impossible to find now, they usually go for like twelve hundred dollars on ebay at least.
fuuma you're really annoyed the hedi hype beasts killed beige shoes for you aren't you? lol, i feel your pain. but here's a thought. the hype beast sl look i actually see in real life is sneakers/destroyed jeans/varsity jackets (flannels, whatever), i see that at least three times a day. on the other hand, the fw13 runway look is instagram-approved, but i almost NEVER see anyone actually wearing sl leathers/jeans/(suede) wyatts combos in real life. so maybe you're safe
this dude's a joker. biker jackets are no more a "costume" than work boots or beards or bomber jackets or (like slann notes) shearling aviator jackets are. they're just another category of clothing, one that many of us have been wearing since we were kids, and will probably continue to. the idea that biker jackets or boots are "played out" is for that very reason absurd. it suggests this guy's a fashion victim, more concerned with what's trendy than what one actually...
the brand is a victim of it's own hype, the bandwagon's in full effect (as the last few comments demonstrate. comparing ccp to sl, which are totally different things? pretending there are no iconic sl pieces? lol), overexposure in all the wrong places is bringing out reverse snobbery. but that's a good problem to have. let's see if sl can respond to it. i'm sure bieber in head to toe sl makes hedi cry a little bit inside. most of the really good sa's and managers (present...
yeah exactly. i totally get caring about your brand. but a blog named "lustercatcher" from a die-hard fan like slann isn't hurting your brand. if anything, it's a pretty great thing. bearing in mind that the fashion press hates hedi, saint laurent pr should be reaching out to fans, not acting like jehovahs witnesses crashing a party.
yanking pics of a lookbook? saint laurent's gotten really good at killing their own fans and buzz. you can see how dead this forum is recently since there are literally no pics to talk about. pretty dumb. the large looks fine, in fact at that height/weight you should be ok with a medium. a fair isle fw13 is worth a decent amount, depends which one it is though. if it's in medium message me and i might buy it from you. the new wyatts are way wider through the shaft (and...
yeah, the stand collar coat is really quite an amazing piece. but you have to try it to get it. i grabbed the suede harness wyatts, very happy with them. the color is also true black, unlike the "chocolate" fw13 color way.
i'll post some pics soon, the general internet pics are (even more) terrible (than they usually are).
some new season pieces i like. i've been wearing my bomber every day. surprisingly warm and very useful, even though i really don't like bombers in general. also i think the nightrider jeans are very awesome, they're very skinny through the leg and break in quite beautifully. highly recommended. as do the black trash rinse denim, which are under the radar since no one ordered them, but the (razor?) slashed rips look pretty amazing once they've been worn in. my two favorite...
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