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i used to have what i think was that exact pair, they look just fine to me. if you've checked with balmain and everything lines up, the real issue's probably why you're buying stuff that makes you insecure to begin with. i mean at this point you've checked with the company itself which presumably knows more than random internet people, so what COULD possibly prove their authenticity to you? christophe decarnin signing a certificate of provenance?
gold side zip has a nice narrow shaft. does anyone have pics of the production version of that shirt?
the new cigar color is a little darker and browner than the last release. i really like the distressed calf L01, i hope they make it for guys. great jacket. slann and slpbaby, great fits. no one buys the baby cat shirts but they're easily one of my fav pieces from hedi era ysl. they go with everything and instantly elevate it. size down by at least half a size on new wyatt/hedi lasts ime.
yo scanner if you got those at sl just take them back. i've done it a few times with new stuff that's had quality issues, they're usually really good about replacing.
ah man now i feel really bad. sure, i'll let you know where to grab a pair once they're in.
lol sorry dude, i grabbed the last ones. i checked but the only info i have is that they're arriving mid-feb, nobody i checked with was sure that they ordered them so i just pre-ordered.
the constant sizing changes really annoy me. they're done in line with "customer feedback", whatever that might mean. i'm letting go one of the pink/blue gradient bleach flannels (m) i bought last week, thought i'd offer it up to the forum, less than us retail, pm me if interested.
there was in fact a white baby print tee made, but only a very limited number, made from the skins of actual newborn LA junkie babies. iirc they were north of $17k each. but you got a free surfboard with each one. stick to cigar. the grey's nice but the cigar's iconic.
whats up guys. fit pics of a rare biker. enjoy. fw15 d-ring biker bandana surplus d02 wyatt
check this out, the knee patch jeans are $1140 at mr porter? wtf. that's more than twice the european price. lol that's really fucking nuts. https://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/saint_laurent/skinny-fit-16cm-distressed-washed-denim-jeans/653185?ppv=2
New Posts  All Forums: