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sold out on the website, there was a full run in all sizes of the blue flannel yesterday, now just one left in s. as343, if you bought them from ysl online you might get away with it, other places it really depends.
return them, they don't stretch that much. those flannels sold out in less than 24 hours, that's got to be a new record.
yeah that destroyed pair looks pretty terrible, hard to see paying close to $1k for that.
yeah, i think hedi was having art day basically. with all the embroidered jackets etc. and good for him, he deserves it with all the shit he takes
lol, the trucker hat is pretty wack. i'm not a sneaker guy either. the centerpiece of this collection are obviously the jackets, with their elaborate finishing. interesting. i probably won't grab a lot, but i dig the destroyed flannels. and yeah the looks are suuuuper young. like pre-teen some of them.
the models are mostly the same, the cuts are just more relaxed, this is a surf punk collection, so obviously they would be. it's not my thing but the construction of this stuff is beautiful. hedi still calls all the shots, down to the minute details. personally i think it's nice to see a more relaxed, colorful, fun collection. especially when most menswear is doing either boring trad or dour goth ninja.
derbies = tts, maybe a bit big, but they're pretty narrow so i'd stay tts unless you like pain
i don't really have anything major to say except that they should really make the wyatt cowboy boots again, now that summer's around again i realize how great in every way they are.
man when you guys get fat like me the stripes are gonna make you look EXTRA wide looking fwd to hearing your take on the new season stuff prudy!!
see that's because you're still skinny that coat was a great piece, i almost got it at 70% off but changed my mind, still kicking myself. i have a skinny fit baby cat shirt in the beige/champagne color (39, bnwt) which i'm letting go, pm me if anyone's interested. also studded army derbies (43) and black wyatt harness boots (43).
New Posts  All Forums: