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sorry, i don't read the thread anymore. but this new stuff is laughably bad.
sure, fyi the first season leathers all had "L" numbers. the "L02" was a band collar double rider with a belt, the "L03" was a straight single rider, and so on. i think the plan was to make them permanent but they never really did. it's a shame because they were pretty spectacular, the leather was the original polished lamb and the cuts were super severe. they were much less overdone and better fitting than newer season leathers. here''s some pics of the L02.
what's up guys. i have to confess i'm not impressed by some of the new obviously vaccarello stuff trickling into the stores. i'm clearing out some old and rare stuff. first, OG FW13 calf L17. second, ultra rare first season "L02" (leather) jacket, probably my overall fav leather from hedi's ysl era. also various glitter/lurex blazers (black, gold, silver). all size 48. pm me if interested.
i'm looking forward to my ss18 vaccarello oversized clown toe wyatt boots, instagram's going to love those. the more i see this collection in person the more subtlety and depth and maturity it has. really a beautiful final collection.
one true slann!!
why would you want to compare sl to vass, if you want boring office shoes to flaunt, then go buy them. i don't mean that in a mean way, but let's face it, no one's wearing wyatt boots and an L01 to the boardroom. except maybe me and therattler. if "quality" means "an old white guy making stuff especially for me because i need to feel powerful" then you'll never find what you're looking for here. if on the other hand quality means "something perfectly designed for people...
i don't know. i don't really see any individuality in wearing sl this way. but there are different tastes on this forum, some want a uniform, some want self expression. for me the idea that there's one "sl approved" look is the antithesis of the point, which is that hedi explored tons of subcultures during his time at sl, from paris to la to psychedelia to surf punk. all these subcultures are different expressions of rebellion, youth, etc. there's no "one right way" to...
that guy looks like an idiot, the biker's too small, the collars popped, the pins are silly, the bag's wrong, the flannel tied around the waist is teenage suicide, the wife beater speaks for itself. the whole point is not to look like him. as is true for 99.99999% of celebs wearing sl or whatever. they're just casual snaps usually, let's stop idolizing them. hell, most of the sa's look better than this guy. where is the "clash" in wearing blue jeans, tan boots, a white...
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