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don't taper. wyatt destroyed bronze clous sisters L01
hey guys, i have a pair of new black destroyeds in size 30 that are going to go back unless one of you wants them. brand new, $850, no offers. the jacket looks just fine. but i too wouldn't trust the nails
thanks omdc. they fit the same afaik.
hey guys, i found a pair of brand new waxed FW14 D02's at the back of my vacation closet. i have too many of these so these are going to go up for sale. they're basically the much coveted FW14 black raw denim with a wax coating. waaay skinnier than new season stuff, with a lower rise. size 30 (40cm waist, 15cm hem), bnwt, $550 or exactly what i paid minus taxes. probably some of the best sl jeans made yet, they're really superior in every way, almost like totally...
hey, i'd say that the color is pretty true to the ysl pic...in sunlight or studio light. in low light it's duller. it's a complex color way, i'd try it. that said i find myself buying way more perm collection than seasonal stuff these days.
my pics are blown out, so the true color is not as bright. its probably close to scanner's pic above. it's hard to pin down though, it looks different in different lights. the same is true for the red flannels. i think the only way to know for sure is via color codes.
hey ohmydontcry, what's the color code of those and the description of the color on the box? guys the flannel in the pics is just the one from sl boutiques. jbidwal, post the color code when you get yours and let's compare.
new jeans are weak. some pics for comparison. wyatt cowboy ss15 destroyed fw16 oversize plaid fw14 'hedi' biker
the nashville shirt fits slimmer and both the fabric and pattern are different. personally i like the oversized ones better, but. the new ones are cut quite differently from fw13 and like scanner says going to end up being more durable. personally i don't see a huge difference between the patterns though.
i'd go tts, the shoulders and upper block are still cut pretty precisely.
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