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i think it just refers to the "paris rock" theme of the collection. i'm looking forward to seeing them, but i haven't seen any pics beyond the runway yet, though i really liked the new harness boots there. kieran i agree, the 4.5cm version will be very successful. i haven't tried the new raws, but there are usually both mii and mij versions...maybe the mijs will be released later given sl's production slowdowns.
hey prudy, i too really like the new ss15 jeans. the "old vintage" jeans and the washed indigo jeans have exactly the same cut, they make excellent everyday jeans. they look right with pretty much everything and feel really good too. and yeah scanner the non-raw hem raw hems (lol) are pretty awesome. weird that they made them, but like you, i'll take it . sorry to hear about the boots, sl quality issues are really beginning to bug me. some of the stuff is really, really...
lolol need help your posts are the best. as for wyatts, if you're a student, don't spend a grand on shoes. that's retarded. especially for a pair of boots that you can't even beat the hell out of properly, like wyatt boots. i'd just wait for them to go on sale or find a used pair. ochre and nut are very different colors and textures, look back earlier in the thread.
no, it's not possible to keep the hole. i really wouldn't recommend trying it shortening the destroyeds. and as for summer looks, this collection has a ton of stuff for really hot climates. all the tunic style tops are made out of super light cotton, there are plenty of tank tops in different styles, etc. i think i'm just gonna wear a blood luster t and an L-something pretty much forever as far as summer goes.
L00 old vintage santiag harness
thanks guys. i have friends in low places prudy i really like the tone of your runway sample santiags. really different and much richer than the cognac production versions. it's funny how right the santiags look with the higher rise raw hem denim. as for tracking down stuff, saint laurent is making stuff in extremely tiny quantities at the moment...the lotus boots above i got were only ordered in three (i think) sizes, and only one in each. so it's getting ridiculously...
studded high santiags. only for the hardcore. insta-kopped. oj, wyatts are perfectly shaped, but like you're finding out, are definitely fashion boots. the blake sole and the block heel make them more delicate than they look. take good care of them (vibram, etc), and they'll last a lot longer. .
Pure genius
not released yet
went to the newly reopened bond st store today. it's awesome. highly recommended if you're stopping by london.
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