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ahhh that's amazing, score
guys they just renamed hedi to wyatt after hedi left. let's just call them jodhpurs to avoid confusion.
i think the best jodhpur was the hedi 40 from fw15. i much prefer the slightly higher heel. the cigar color way was nicer too.
just use the pencil trick, it fixes most two way zip issues
i go to a guy around the corner from the big tesco in covent garden. i don't think his shop even has a name. he's very good and has plenty of experience with sl boots from me. better than the guys bond st use in my opinion. he'll also turn around a pair in the same day.
yeah, i order to london from ssense all the time and it's duties etc inclusive, contact them.
that's correct. the hedi design team stuff isn't too bad, what little we've seen. they had instructions to just create a kind of best of/rehash collection for ss17. the rest remains to be seen. the varsity is fw, it's pretty good actually, nice weight of fabric. i really like the leathers this season, there's a nice range of lamb and calf in different designs. the guitar leather's pretty great.
here you go man. some shots with vintage calf L01 vs calf L01. last shot is vintage calf L01 vs lamb L01 for reference. enjoy. raw jeans come in both MII and MIJ, always have. slann, i'll take some pics of the jeans when i get a chance. la, just get some rawhide laces and loop them through the grommets man.
hmm, that's interesting about the wool shirts. personally i don't know how you guys wear them, maybe there's some secret trick i'm missing, i start itching to death in like five minutes. i think one of the most basic things that hedi did is to try to take the idea of a brand away from just fashion, the latest thing, pure seasonality. via the permanent collection, etc. hell, today i picked up an artforum and there were saint laurent "ads" with store art pieces in it....
you know what's not played out? giant vetements sweatshirts! maybe you guys should try those, you'll look totally instagram approved doubt the flannels are pendleton origin, pendleton mills wayyyy coarser. my pendleton shirts are totally unwearable, they give me hives the new homepage is really an embarrassment, talk about getting it wrong, calvin klein wasn't even interesting the first time around
New Posts  All Forums: