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EMERGENCY UPDATE: Jet is currently smoking a blunt the size of a thigh, wearing a Margiela knit over another Margiela knit, with his legs tucked into the armholes of a crisp, elegantly tailored Jil blazer. His fourteen inch dick barely fits between the lapels (watch out Uncontrol).
Quote: Originally Posted by thedapperguru Hello Guys, Oh god more of this "timeless style" stuff. You know that your whole paradigm of ideal male dress didn't exist until the 1930s, right? I mean, go ahead and wear what you want, it might even look good and I'm not going to hate on you for that, but I'd rather be Robert Geller than Steve McQueen any day.
Quote: Originally Posted by JackTheRipper http://www.us.allsaints.com/product/...=0885324184953 Like these I suppose? I've heard negative things about AllSaint's quality, but are they worth it? Try before you buy, some of it is good and some of it is cheap. None of it is Alden or anything, but you can find good stuff there without dropping huge bundles of cash on actual designer stuff. You could also try military surplus.
Exactly. Tailor it so it fits, but don't try to liven it up with a brooch or cardigan or something. You'll look like a bit of a dick.
Quote: Originally Posted by JackTheRipper Looking for a pair of military boots that looks nice tucked that won't break the bank. Been looking at RW Ironrangers and LLbean Katahdins, but they seem too short to tuck nicely. AllSaints, but try before you buy. Some of their boots are really nice, some are complete shit. If you only want to do the look once in a while, they're probably the cheapest way to do it. Quote: Originally...
Quote: Originally Posted by JesseJB After years on SF, I lump hipsters in with the rest of the misguided masses like I would mall goths or ska kids. Under the ironic vaneer there is absolutely no substance, personality or perspective. That's pretty reductive and judgmental for someone who can't spell veneer. I'd say most SFers don't have much substance, personality, or perspective either, if we're going by your gauges. A pair of leather...
Just search for "funnel neck" online, that's what you're looking for.
Quote: Originally Posted by raags ?? Shades Vintage Blazer [wool] Vintage Turtleneck [cashmere] Nudie Jeans Franco Cimadamore Wingtips this is a fit that's outside of my comfortzone and me trying new things i'm not sure if it works entirely. feedback appreciated Nice job, the turtleneck and the blazer work really well together (although you might want to taper & shorten the blazer sleeves). Jeans are a little too tapered, I think the fit...
Fit advice I've always heard is to keep sizing down, and then buy the smallest one that you can zip up. If it's a little snug, the leather will stretch - it is a skin, after all.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Here are pics from the recent Gilt sale. These models are probably 6'2", and the hems are falling literally below their crotches. In what Universe does this look good? I dare you to find a properly sized t-shirt and polo at WalMart that look worse! AA fits just a little long for me, but so does everything else in the world so no problem. If you look at those pictures, the shoulder seams are at the...
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