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Classic Vans or Supras mi amigo
I don't find Toms that offensive to look at. Obviously when you get the whole sorority girl combo where there are some tattooed stars peeking out of the top of the shoe, that shit is frustratingly ubiquitous but not as bad as sweats and nike frees or whatever.Did you know Skechers has a Toms-alike called "Bobs"? Jesus Christ Skechers even your knockoff name is ugly, boring, and derivative. Motherfucker.
Quality is Alternative Apparel level, maybe a little bit better. Cut is all unisex, the ts are short and a-line which makes them fuckin impossible to wear as normal t shirts, I imagine the problem would be even worse for you since you're tall and athletic. Cool graphics though.
Ugly briefcase bro don't do it, save up longer and get something sleek and made of leather.Nothing worse than saving for something and realizing it wasn't worth it, speaking as someone who owns two pleasure principle shirts.
Mr orange just make sure all your textures complement each other and you'll be okay. Looks like you're trying to do the whole #menswear thing, you should be able to find plenty of good examples. Your tie can be silk but it can't be too sleek or shiny. Also, count me in if we're doing an SF Retraite au Campagne. I'll bring some Yeats and comic books wrapped up in my AA v necks.
I can't see this working well, but it might work and it doesn't really matter anyway. You'll probably look nicer in photos if you're wearing some nicer shoes, a little less open quote trendy close quote.Also: Suzuki Takayuki makes some very beautiful clothes. Shame she's Japan-only.
What do you even need advice on, sounds like you're set. This doesn't need to be its own thread. Just buy your coat and your new shoes and put the rest of your money into booze and transfer applications if you don't like the school.
Geller skinny jeans have kind of a weird fit, really really skinny in the calf and looser in the thigh & top. Try before you buy, and don't buy those moto jeans. Just get some black surface to airs/acnes, something that's more versatile. Black jeans are the best though.
I think I speak for all of us when I saynoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooyou aren't gonna start buying button down oxfords or something are you?
What does OG even mean in this context.Never found anything good in a UO except blank tees I think. I'm living about 15 minutes on the el away from the Oak Street Barney's, etc. now, not that I can afford the gear on anything like a regular basis but it's definitely soured me on the shitty fabrics/ugly designs/made in cambodia thing UO has going on.People are really still hating on hipsters? How the fuck do you even tell anymore?
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