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Normally I don't like people with intense modern wellness fixations - fuck bro, gotta have my ziploc bag of spring water so I can hydrate, how do I stay comfortable in these wool pants, etc - but if there's a market for it why not pursue your weirdly specific dream, the only crime that kickstarter guy is committing is bad acting. Plus if the barefoot running thing goes mainstream (CSI episode where a barefoot murderer proves impossible to catch, etc) then maybe meek...
Button downs sound good, also some heavy knitwear would be pretty sweet. Jeans or cords, boots or maybe chucks. Earth tones, dense patterns, nifty accessories, etc. would help balance out the more austere look of the jacket. Might be cool layered with a jean jacket or something, you could tie a flannel around your waist a la the Maas and Stacks lookbook.I don't know, I'm just vicariously e-styling through you because I'm probably not going to get one.
The guy in the Put This On videos, the kind of heavyset guy, is the most obnoxious fuck I've ever heard speak over a background of vaguely insouciant clarinet jazz, and I watched an awful lot of Antiques Roadshow in my youth.
Fly front duffle is a cool idea but you would need to rethink the whole pattern (yoke, stitches, collar/hood arrangement, sleeve), not just change one kind of closure to a different kind of closure.
Haven't updated my sig in a while, I stopped contributing a few months ago, so I am none of them. I have a few posts queued up so I'm reluctant to delete it though. If you see a post up in a week about how good Dragon's Milk is, that's me.
This is so fucking nuts
Pattern is super ugly, how do you not see that? It looks like a shitty cosby sweater and no blazer in the world is going to cover that up. Especially since you're wearing it in a white-middle-class-dad kind of way, not a balls-out-fashion-geek-oki-ni way. Take up cocaine and buy some rick dunks and maybe you can salvage it.
If you're only ironing band shirts and you don't want to have an ironing board taking up space in your house, you can press the shirts over a large piece of cardboard on a flat surface. Still have to buy an iron though, no ghettofix for that.
Looks like a straight up cosby sweater from here, from salvation army it came and to salvation army it will one day return
This is pretty on point and there are also many other reasons to move elsewhere.Quick edit - the worst part of the L is the people who don't know how to ride the L, the second is the signs that only display train times half the time and the other half is "thanks for riding cta" which is some unthinkable mega bullshit.
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