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WHATS UP POSTERS FROM LIKE 3 DAYS AGO HOPE YOU READY TO GET RESPONDED TOI wouldn't wear any of these shoes but that's a really good collection and it seems to suit you.I loved Immortals for sure, it was my Transformers - turn off the part of the brain that process speech and causality and shit and just watch the pictures go.
I read this at a gallery with a series of Zhu Ming fluorescent paintings and now I can't find it online. "The artist conceptualizes 3 different modes of presentation and viewing. In his words, these are (1) a passive presentation, or "a material gateway," realized in a space that is lit; (2) a subjective presentation, or "a spiritual gateway," realized in a condition devoid of light," and (3) an interactive presentation, or "a gateway of games and rules," realized through...
Yeah but if you die in the house it will give you like 2 1/2 hours and then eat your eyeballs because it doesn't really give a fuck, real talk.
Leather is a material that you make shit out of and people use different forms of it for different purposes, none of which have any sort of intrinsic moral high ground. I like heavy, hardwearing leather goods but I'm not going to claim they're necessary in my tough life of feeding tourists and reading comic books.
Probably because he's responsible for the success of a business? Super hard to maintain your lofty ideals in a situation like that. Or maybe he was getting bored with his look and he wanted to change shit up? For what it's worth, I saw an accessory piece of his that was absolutely gorgeous and in the RO spirit, a comb with a tilted crescent handle.
Don't spend that much time and leather jumping on a dying trend, the whole crepe sole/creeper thing is on its way out and if you still dress like a Banana Republican you're going to look like a clown
Dope, here we go.These might look really cool when worn, ugly by themselves though, do you have any fit pics?Really depends on how you want to wear it. The KVAs are really sleek and they might look good with some tailored pieces, the ROs would be better for denim and street style stuff because of the bulk of the sneaker, but if you go that route I would hold out for the black and white Rick dunks.Keep the boots for sure, maybe return the parka if the bill is making you... To wear with earth tone cords, grey tweed trousers, and blue jeans (not all at once) Also is Alpha Industries any good if I want a cheap parka or should I go elsewhere? Chicago is going to be a shit show come mid December, I've got to get ready.
Layering on this is bananas, not in a good way. The hemlines & layered closures & hood look fussy, nothing wrong with a few denim vaginas either but the inseams are fine.
Holy shitWhat a bad guy
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