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Looks like the means is going at cross purposes with the message pretty hard. And how does the actual fashion do or mean anything? Isn't it possibly a bit patronizing or just generally misguided to make your iconic poor person figure look like Oliver fucking Twist or what?
What about brown liquor and beer and stuff, though. I admire the drive and focus in your pursuit of London girls but do you really want to drink alcopop all the time? I mean, if it is your bag then there's nothing wrong with that but I would take advantage of my proximity to scotch country.Or just go get a bottle of Buckfast Tonic Wine and start putting your forehead through windshields at soccer matches.
Yeah but if you have a pair of leather shoes that you only wear when it's raining out because they're your 'rain boots', they're going to go downhill relatively quickly. I've gotten my chelsea boots soaked a couple of times and they're fine, but I'm not going to go out of my way to do it again.
That would be a shitty rain boot because you don't want leather to get wet. If you want a boot specifically for the rain, you want to get rubber at least to like mid-foot.Also, they're pretty ugly. Moc toe + ugly earth tones is not a winning combination
Usually, suede is a bit stretchier/softer/more malleable than normal leather, which is why it's used for gloves and trims.
Synthese did the master post on this but I can't find it right now so I'll just sayyou develop a sense of style by developing yourself as a personnot so much finding your identity (because, to quote Zadie Smith, that's "the easy way out")but just getting a sense of what appeals to you outside of the massive fashion hype machineIf you're in college then you probably don't have a lot of money and it doesn't really matter how you dress anywaySpend your money on concerts,... Take a GQ sidebar Ratchet up the 'jocular hardsell' level Remove any sense of perspective Top off with absolute unimpeachable confidence in your own opinions Garnish by telling a med school student to wear $350 Prada sneakers with his scrubs.
Docs go with a lot more and the shape is a fuck of a lot better than Red Wings. I haven't had experience with either in slushy winter weather, I hear that they're both a pretty slippery proposition on icy pavement. If you have any utilitarian concerns (make living as a foot courier of ancient vases, etc.) then you might be better off with some Blundies.
I got sick of any formal anything after working as a host-cum-manager all summer and winter, so now it's a little wilder and more androgynous... gonna get a bit of a pixie cut and some thick slouchy sweaters in rich colors and some Docs or little venetian loafers or something, maybe some jewelry depending on what I can find. Something I can credibly wear to art school parties.I mean if you just want to distinguish yourself from people who aren't consciously buying a...
Also, I would like to go on record as a fan of grumpy bitchy shah and a non-fan of 25 page arguments between BB1 and every other person in the world
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