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As far as books go though Alan Watts's The Way of Zen is pretty fresh and clean. Seconding trafficjam on the Calvino recommendation although his work is pretty uneven; I like If On A Winter's Night A Traveler, but the story Under The Jaguar Sun is really good as well for a lot of the same reasons. Also if you have 5 minutes to spare, "Me And Miss Mandible" by Don Barthelme is a good read. Barthelme is especially interesting if you've tried to do any writing yourself,...
Only slightly rhetorical question - how the fuck do you sit through that entire movie? I can watch whatever quantity of Jarmusch or Cassavetes or whatever, but fuckin a Wim Wenders was insufferable. Maybe there's a huge change in the last 20 minutes but I thought he took a good Yohji movie and turned it into a movie all about Wim Wenders and accordion waltzes.
Borneo 1834 is unfuckwithable as is Filles en Aiguille. What kind of non-exports?
Because SF is its own fashion microculture, there are a lot of first posts in shitty threads that start 'hi i'm a guy who wants to become more stylish, right now i have some gap khakis but what do i do next' and then everyone bitches him out until he buys raw jeans and white sneakers. Which is a good place to start but it's also where people often stop.Also, the 'loud' designers tend to be fuckin expensiveAlso also, I would say the RO/Julius/Yohji stuff is all pretty...
Geller falls apart on the sales floor for me. I don't know whether blame for that falls on him or the buyer, but the actual stuff that I see in Barney's is boring and incoherent. I like this season better than the last few - styling is better, as Platypus said, but also it seems like there are more worthwhile pieces on display. I love Siki Im this season, I hope we won't just see all-black buys because he put together a really nice palette. Some of the details seem a bit...
Cool, I will do that as soon as I stop looking at your avatarSo it might be a minute
Venetian slipper-style loafers and opera pumps are pretty fuckin fresh. I like a sleek loafer with some cool trousers or a suede joint with cords. I think there's an exact zen proportion for a caramel moc toe loafer that looks good, but I avoid them on general principle.
Do you ninja types keep shoe trees in your backzips? I just got some Dries moto boots that are exactly my speed and I don't know if a compressible tree will fux with the back zip or what (I got a little tag advising "gentle handling" of the zipper in the box). They're not distressed or Guidish at all so I want to keep them in good shape as long as I can.
Please do not tuck pants into sidezips please
For something like Topman, fw would be around 200 pieces and spring/summer would be around 160 pieces plus resort/holiday/etc. stuff, different colorways, and so on. Runway-level designers (antwerp six type guys/ up and comers) would be more like 30-110 pieces max for fall and less than that for spring usually. The runway is an approximation of what's actually going to be in stores, definitely subject to change based on the vagaries of larger-scale production and buyer...
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