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you can say this about any brand though, the market is so saturated in every possible niche
In Aisce has their Legolas Bikes to Work shit that they do but everything else is definitely a bit of a blur. I'm sure once you're far enough into it there are obvious, staggering differences though, in the same way linux people can understand and critique different builds while everyone else plays angry birds on their various opaque interfaces.
^ Kind of dope though how constant aggressive marketing rewires us to see the world in categories like that though. One time I was waiting tables and a woman asked for "fresh-squeezed orange juice" without any kind of prompt or basis. "Fresh-squeezed orange juice" was a single semantic unit in her world. Shit is fucked.
My pet theory on this is that people who are good looking get more positive feedback early on in life and cultivate a feeling of specialness and invincibility so they feel like 1) their art is valid and worthwhile and 2) they'll be able to pay their five-figure debts with gouache paintings of muppets violating each other. Getting hit on/ fucked regularly by cute girls is a huge confidence booster.orThat the same wealthy families that can send their kids to art school...
You picked a weird thing to care aboutIt's all just plastic and worker suicides, right? Doesn't really matter what the logo is
A grey silk suit, some actual tortoiseshell sunglasses, blue suede bespoke gloves, and a pair of Corthay Arcas. There's also a piece of luggage that exists only in my dreams, but I'm working to make it happen atm
yeah buddy
Might end up being both, might end up being neither, I really have too many shoes anyway, but - Wallies are a super soft reindeer suede, Nikes key into that super good 70s runner vibe
Borges is probably my favorite author period, both his more famous thought-experiment-style work and his simpler later stories. "Death and The Compass" and "Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius" are not either of them to be fucked with. I haven't read any Saramago, but he is on a list of authors to get to eventually.
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