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Trust me, they think they're an indomitable village of gauls too. Where really it's just two villages of gauls in a world of romans who want to yell 'faggot' at them from the passenger seat of a moving car.
Verbatim from hypebeast "A drastic style shift has occurred within the last few years of menswear. This current decade is now home to countless brands offering meticulously tailored, handcrafted garbs capable of standing the test of time and wear. Opening their eyes to uncharted inspirations, men began to conjure up more and more sartorial experiments that are not only seen on today’s runways but also on our local sidewalks. This transition has lead to a resurgence in...
you can't roll out looking like snidely whiplash, you gotta shave that up or grow it all out. Fit looks good although the jeans could be a little looser thru the leg
I must now learn to operate with a blown mind.What is this and how do I buy it as wallpaper?
I don't really fuck with irony that much actually unless I'm hitting on somebodynot a hoax not a dream not an imaginary tale
although noobizor you seem like a nice guy (even if you make assumptions about peoples' motives instead of engaging with them honestly).
and chambray swallows doesn't even matter what you like or aspire to, wearing a jcrew chambray button down is a sign that you've accepted the dissatisfactions and offenses of a hateful world
KingJulien: Very cool, thanks for letting me know.
This is fucking bananas, where's it from?
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