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Nah dude. Are you from Evanston, IL? Did you just see this at Haberdash? I don't know who you are or what your deal is but I can't imagine it would work for you for more than 1 wearing.
"Inexplicable" is right, that's super ugly dogg, the color story is actually pretty smart and well considered but the actual garment looks gross.Yeah dude this looks good, the topstitching around the fly front is kind of bananas but whatever.1) looks roughly a million times better, buy that one. 2) is for suckers
This thread is dope, good work team, you kick ass AFL. [[SPOILER]]
Because it would fuck up the look, feel, and physical integrity of a lot of fabrics, that's why. It's also easier to do really precise tailoring and dressmaking applications when the fabric doesn't move around on you. One of the reasons you rarely see low-end bias cut clothes - they change shape drastically over time and they're harder to sew correctly. Jeans and those really tight H&M button downs are an exception because they don't hang off the body for support, they...
This is kind of a gothninja-dominated thread but no one would have hated on you if you'd posted up a good jacket, regardless of who made it (witness the forum's love of temple of jawnz, which is not a ninja brand at all). That jacket looks like shit dude, people think it's cheap because it looks so bad. Shitty fit, shitty details, nothing at all to recommend it.
Yeah but putting together a look influenced by your 'lifestyle' or 'identity' - making that conscious decision - is bullshit. I'm specifically thinking of bike messengers who go all in and roll out in the corduroy cutoffs and bike shoes everywhere. It sucks - really, picking an identity and making any decisions based on that selection is bullshit. Quoting Zadie Smith:“Stop worrying about your identity and concern yourself with the people you care about, ideas that matter...
This is a smart realization.Turrible turrible idea mikey. That shit is YOLO foot tattoo territory. You just gotta buy clothes you honestly want to wear and then wear them, it doesn't matter if you skate or ride horses or your grandpa was a Cherokee prince or whatever. I don't know if you've ever taken a breather from sf but you might be surprised by what it does for your buying habits and aspirations. That sounds a lot more condescending than I mean it to.
For one thing, it's a pair of nikes branded with a musician's name, which divorces it from a lot of the sports connotations that even a new space-age pair of Jordans have. So it's not just people who pay attention to sports who identify with the label, it's everybody - including a lot of people who like streetwear culture but dislike sports culture (aka hypebeasty motherfuckers) and so now this is "their" shoe because a dude who made some good music and markets himself as...
Can you give an example of this in another medium? I don't know what this means, unless you're talking about this forum's jargon use of the word 'aesthetic'edit: shit like 4 other people beat me to it
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