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This is not true
Aren't you like 15? Just wait until you have some money and then worry about this dopey fashion bullshit. Until then, have a lot of sex, enjoy a variety of recreational hallucinogens, and get really good at something. It almost doesn't matter what that thing is, as long as you are really good at it.Edit after looking at your blog: You look real decent dude, not sure what you're worried about, if anything I would maybe get into an exercise routine but it's not a big deal....
Any competent leathercare people should be able to take that in, probably from the side seams. Fucking around with darts in leather goods is tough and usually unnecessary.
That Lim jacket is pretty clearly not cut for a lot of body types, definitely try before you buy (or I guess get ready to eat fees for returning it, if you're shopping online). Lay of that collar looks kind of weird too. Also, those side-seam half belt things give me the creeps.You know you can unclip a carabiner, right? And if the leather patch bothers you, take it off with some scissors/xacto/seam ripper.Those jeans are awful though.
Come on dude, don't be a sucker.Also you should set things up in life so that you don't have to constantly make preemptive apologies for your creative efforts.
These are fucking tremendous.
I don't think this is that though. Maybe a case of young self-styled intellectuals trying to prove their self-worth by arguing about dumb shit that doesn't matter (myself included).
This is beautiful, I wish Horikawa didn't have such a crush on flat-felled seams though.
I assume they were all visited in the dead of night by the clothespin fairy. I would say they graded the pattern for their model sizes, but I can't imagine throwing away that much croc leather on a photoshoot.
That kind of makes it worse, I would avoid it for sure. I'm assuming you're going to school at Harvard? Which is awesome, but not something you should go out of your way to advertise.
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