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Bought this on final sale so I can't return it, it's just a bit big for me. Fits more like a size medium jacket/coat rather than a size medium sweater. Pretty heavy hoodie, sherpa lined everywhere but inside of the sleeves, cotton is thick, zipper is metal, good for cold-ish weather. Asking $45 shipped in CONUS. Measurements: Shoulders - 18" P2P - 22" Sleeves - 26" Length - 27"
B&S sorting still hasn't been fixed? figured this new update would address it
Are there any progress pics of the n&f + oni collab yet?
Looks bad. Don't really like the direction they're headed.
Nothing really new this season, everything's pretty boring imo. Last season and was a lot better, tons of new collabs, not so much this year though. Not sure what's going on over there.
Did you get the lighter or darker ones?I'm curious about the "goaky" chippewa boots, and whether the color can be darkened a bit if the leather is oiled. I like them a lot, but they're a bit too light for me, and the other pair is... well, too dark.
Wear them. They'll stretch on their own just walking around or whatever.
Fits a bit big for a small I think, I took measurements for another member.P2P - 22"Length (collar to bottom) - 29"Shoulders - 17.5-18"Sleeves - 26"
Bought this last Winter and it served me pretty well, but unfortunately I've outgrown this. The jacket itself is fairly thick/heavy, has an ecodown lining, and kept me plenty warm during the last Michigan winter. It has two very large inside pockets on either side, a drawstring on the inside at the waist, and a zip-out hood inside of the collar. They brought it back this A/W season, but aren't currently selling it in black -...
Picked this up in the spring but haven't really gotten much wear out of it, so I'm selling it. Very nice shirt in my opinion, wish it still fit me right. Sorry about the wrinkles in the pictures... it's linen Color/stripes are more visible in the second (close) picture. Asking $20 shipped. edit; SOLD
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