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Nice pumps, they match the shade of your ears.
Thats a M, I would have liked to try on a S but they didn't have one in stock. They also wouldn't let me place an order for the restock of the suede quoddy's The guy running the register was real nice though, I can't remember his name but it wasn't Ryan.
ny guys looking superduper baracuta, uniqlo, sperry
Finally had a chance to handle some of the stuff and I liked it a lot. Definitely boxier in the top than I usually wear but I like the effect.
I finally found a pair that I really love. These are from LA Eyeworks - absolutely fantastic store, great staff too (thanks to yfyf for the rec). A place called City of Angels Eyewear had some fantastic stuff too.
Thanks! Sounds easy enough.
Dear Kunk, How can I get black women to want me?
All those fabrics look stellar.
trying some new goggles again. jc, hickey, bb
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