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bobo looks like the uncle I wished I had that would come get me out of 3rd period spanish to go fishing
bb o/ polo, faconnable, br
Quote: Originally Posted by MiniW the Leydon will have a sleeker, narrower toebox. Probably desirable if you plan to wear the shoes with non-outdoors, dressier clothing. The tru-balance will have a wider toe-box, and looks better with heavier fabrics IMO. The tru-balance is the same last as the Indy, just imagine all the fits pics with the Indy without the stitching. I own the Indys in a size 8D and they fit me very well, however when I tried on a...
On the MC side of things its yfyf and PG by a mile. On the other side of the forum divide, Get Smart and some other members who have faded away. I'm also a big fan of Baron on both sides.
thanks zissou!
EG oracles: Are there any north american stockists of the ghurka short in ring spun denim?
Though a true fan of stazy's would have his waywt prints on their wall like I do.
I like to do this on occasion - you can be the judge of whether it works or not but I like it. 1 2 3 4
wmmk, these aren't actually available (at least not yet or in the near future). I just bump this thread every few months for giggles.
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