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Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce ^ It's harder than it looks. agreed. Quote: Originally Posted by barims I'd've thought you'd do so in the same manner as chorse - as casually as possible That's what i've been going for but am yet to find something I feel confident with. I bought one from target earlier this year but it looks so much better on my girlfriend that it now resides in her closet.
that last one gives me faith I can do a hat someday.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger none of those pictures are the best of waywt, but ok Quote: Originally Posted by Mazda Isn't this like a stupider even more redundant version of the discussion thread? Quote: Originally Posted by Big Punisher This is the worst fuckin thread in the history of mankind. No offense to posters here. (whose pictures aren't even their best...
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow It skews conservative, and skews towards the regulars. You mean because that one thread I posted was that way? No one else contributed anything, that's why it ended up that way. Also, agreed on nemuu's posts - I always look forward to them. Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce (Three of the photos you posted I have saved as favorites in my own semi-creepy internet lookbook...
Although, admittedly, it doesn't make much sense to post pictures from the last week or so since that discussion is better suited for the discussion thread.
C'mon guys - its not that hard to contribute to this. I didn't understand the hate when I tried a thread like this either. And still my favorite waywt of all time
Quote: Originally Posted by Biscione That looks splendid (though I would say that wouldn't I?)
bobo looks like the uncle I wished I had that would come get me out of 3rd period spanish to go fishing
bb o/ polo, faconnable, br
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