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episode 1 & 3 were great, 2 I didn't like though
this show is great, thanks for the recommendation.
always a sucker for subtle monotone and this is a repost from earlier in this thread but i'm still not over it
I find myself thinking more in macros more than whole picture lately
^you talking about the ones at southwillard? they also say "hidden ribbed cuff" in the description, that mean you're supposed to fold the cuff up into the bottom of the leg?
+1 on that asobu fit, fantastic scottm's not doing it for me tho
pretty popular too, at least a few thousand subscribers when I just added it to my reader
thanks, dunno how I missed that
No Country for Old Men has come up a couple times in this thread, but I didn't see any connection other than they're both great hollywood movies. What are you guys seeing that i'm not?
thinking I need to get some outerwear that's actually decent for chicago weather this year, instead of just wearing multiple layers of light jackets like I usually do
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