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I get the same when I wear a double breasted jacket, just have to roll with it.
just a typo, its 100% linen and it's the one on the webstore.I wore it again today,
this is a 38L on me, i'm 6'1
For the derby yesterday, Havana linen blend w/ a Kent Wang linen blend shirt & high-waisted BBBF pants. I think the high stance of the pants compliments the high buttoning point of the Havana.
brands- [[SPOILER]]
C'mon dudes, saying I wear what I like isn't saying anything at all. It may be true, or even should be true, but isn't there some story?
Thanks for the headsup, was looking to get a havana suit
the new bioshock is a great game. Haven't enjoyed a single player game this much since halflife 2
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