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^I think the soho looks great, have it let out in the back if that's possible.
Does anyone have a Soho suit? How do the pants fit?
I think I bought it just last summer or fall. It's a nice lighter weight open weave wool.
some recent fits soho jacket havana
still available, now taking offers
$30 usd each or $50 for the pair, shipped to NA Dark gray green Z Zegna shirt in drop 8 fit 27" sleeve 18" shoulder 21" chest 2" collar point 18" waist 31" length 97% cotton, 3% elastene made in Turkey, worn a couple times patterned Gitman Vintage shirt, size M, made in USA 100% cotton 3" collar point 25.5" sleeve 18" shoulder 31" length
$50 for the two, shipped to NA used slightly 32" waist 11" rise 12.5" thigh 8.5" knee 8" leg opening 32.5" inseam
grey/green in color 34" waist made in belgium 100% cotton 11" rise 8.5" knee 7.25" leg opening 12.5" thigh 32.5" inseam used includes shipping
18" shoulder 2.5" lapel 25.5" sleeve 21.5" chest 18.5" waist 29.5" length from bottom of collar used price includes shipping to NA
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