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Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six if I extend it to tuesday will a bunch more people be able to enter? i'd enter if there's a tuesday deadline
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason It's okay Gordon Freeman, sometimes you have to wear the suit you wore to work one day for the rest of your life. Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus what I wore today and used as my mc streetwear thing this is great
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one good pic of a grey one some guy just posted to sufu: that looks great
I love Justin boots, got three pairs now.
thanks for the comments everybody Quote: Originally Posted by + theom PP, love the fit but cardigan throws it off for me. The cabling and color don't really work too well. I can see that, the cardigan might be better suited for a different shirt and vice versa. Quote: Originally Posted by softy PP, are you rolling the cuffs on the jacket? Just my hands in the pockets.
ervell, polo, m+o, incotex, justin
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six I don't know what this means? Unless you mean the collar shouldn't obscure the knot? forgive the mc style over-analysis, but since that's the language we're talking here's what I mean (with a good example from yfyf below) basically, your shirt collar is too big Quote: 4ih looks godawful with anything business couldn't disagree more
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six where the shirt collar meets the tie is throwing this off for me, the tie shouldn't obscure so much of the collar doesn't look bad, though I agree with teger that a lower button stance would be better
voted for you magician because of the velvet & the suede and what looks like a coated jean; texture and that dark, rich color doing it for me (probably helps that I can't see the silhouette though, ha). really like chrono's too edit: i'd stand behind almost all of them, can't bring myself to like scott's or sq's though
length measurement on the ervell, please
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