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Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese Maybe I'm crazy, but I wore this to the ballet last night and thought it looked pretty cool. I'm sure I'm doing everything wrong though, suiting + hem is falling weird [/IMG] This fit could use a different collar I think, or maybe another button undone?
more of the same
thanks for the nice words guys Quote: Originally Posted by connor pp you dye that yourself yeah
arsix quality photo for you all jcrew (overdyed purple), martin+osa, rugby, paul smith
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Leather is a touch incongruous I think I agree, was thinking a darker shirt would have helped
br, aldenx2, justinx3, ps, ae
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou
Quote: Originally Posted by snake this is cool, skirt in particular
there was a thread like this a while back, 2 changes to my top 5 since then bbbf, ae, ervell, alden, maxfield
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