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Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty it's anyone with aspirations to a higher socioeconomic standing. For better or for worse, the highest levels of socioeconomic success in american culture are old-money WASPs, and as such, any aspirational style is going to reference them. Forget this anthropologist BS. Ignore the 'science' for a sec and the foregone conclusion that aspirational people can't help but dress 'aspirationally'. How...
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Agree or disagree with him, Fuuma improves this thread immensely. Would rather read his arguments against preppy / timeless style than see more poorly shot bad fit pics. Hear hear. Though I disagree with Fuuma that prep/trad has been creatively exhausted. I think he's right that the genre's overly dependent on color/fabric because of inherent limits on silhouette and broad detailing but I don't think...
that moto looks fantastic except for the flap pockets
weekend lifestyle pic ymc, jcrew, levis, alden
Quote: Originally Posted by Waffle dat gap Quote: Originally Posted by 0b5cur1ty dat dick you could both stand a better fit round the crotch
This is great stuff Quote: Originally Posted by Johan Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma
great last couple dude [[SPOILER]] dries, jcrew, rag&bone, justin
couple recent ones
Quote: Originally Posted by Gravitas thumbs up, pants especially
I like everything about this, including the website presentation. these in particular though Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 Jackets/Coats/Blazers
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