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Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 JCrew from you of all people?! Blasphemy! Jet would not approve. Although he wears Hanes so I guess we can safely ignore his opinion. Never mind I guess. jet gives me a pass on jcrew shirts and desert boots
holiday '10 gifts & purchases, blue and grey happiness justin ropers, jcrew flannel, 3 ervell buttondowns & a hat, jil s/s pants, r&b and incotex winter pants, club monaco sweater
you have a fitpic from the front?
ervell, ymc+scarf, m+o, guess, justin
stanley, boot tuck those bad boys
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Is this Max Headroom's son?
thanks for coordinating this arsix
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six if I extend it to tuesday will a bunch more people be able to enter? i'd enter if there's a tuesday deadline
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason It's okay Gordon Freeman, sometimes you have to wear the suit you wore to work one day for the rest of your life. Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus what I wore today and used as my mc streetwear thing this is great
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