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I like everything about this, including the website presentation. these in particular though Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 Jackets/Coats/Blazers
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger 2. the color of the jeans/pants is ugly Quote: Originally Posted by Teger what about the last post was not a disaster? the pants are an ugly color nah, pants are good, color included
Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice this looks good on you man, I like it way more than the all black everything
jcrew, ervell, r+b, alden, old man posture
they were washed to try and soften them up, it didn't do much + drop
Quote: Originally Posted by Harbin context measurement says hem is 7.5 but yours is 8.25? these are a size 34, hem is ~8"
drops on the left field denim, other two sold
I love socks too, but styling your shit in winter to show them off is like tucking your shirt into your boxers.
My favorite purchase this year was a lightweight dries jacket from B&S and wore for the latest contest. Wear it all the time, way too much really but been looking for something like it for a while. [[SPOILER]]
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