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oh hell yeah, i'll be back
Quote: Originally Posted by APK I thought the consensus was the oxide shirts were actually fairly big for their tagged size? I could be wrong, I don't really notice much difference between any of the shirts i've got (fw09,ss10,fw10)
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese The Pantser comes through again . Does your oxide shirt fit smaller than your other ervell shirting? Mine's a touch tight in the chest and a bit short in the arms. I try to power through, though. thanks dude. maybe a bit smaller, ya, especially compared to fw09. Enough that I generally don't wear it without a jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol pp is that jacket leather? it's interesting yup, some kind of distressed leather, dunno what to call it
brands [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel Damn this girl's face is beautiful, I'd insta-wife her even if she wore trash bags everyday and shaved her head bald. Quote: Originally Posted by pruppert This is exactly what I thought when I saw that pic. Easily the best of the set posted, on the merits of her face alone. Here's to hoping it's built for the long haul. wowowowowow this woman is beautiful
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six In reality a heel here would throw off the proportions because the jacket is cropped and slim[...] TOJ really wants a flat sole. Dunno, I think there a few good examples of the dr w/ sleek heeled boots (like these appear to be 1, 2, 3). You're right that a chunky boot would look bad though. Sneakers are fine too, just that those CP's are the only contrasting element in your fit and that throws it off for me too.
ha, nope; someday though
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