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Is ToJ lamb heavy enough to be warn as a motorcycle jacket?
das wassup
Sorry didn't even notice this post until now. I'll upload some more pictures and measurements, and also another shirt I decided to sell.
I have this exact jacket. It's really nice.
My favorite BoO shirt. Really great pattern, fabric isn't too thick, fits extremely well, and the collar just looks really great when worn. Why am I selling it then? I'm going through a phase or something. Selling pretty much everything except one or two basics. Add $5 for shipping to Canada or $10 for other internationals. Flannel - Sold
They stopped making these shirts a while back and I don't wanna wait until they start up again. Pic shows the club collar one because I couldn't find a good picture with the regular collar.
Good condition, just had the [original] buttons fastened securely because one was slightly loose. Price includes shipping to the US, add 5 bucks for international.
I found an old J. Crew pinpoint oxford shirt in my closet the other day, probably about two years old. I like the shirt a lot but it doesn't really fit. Do they ever bring this style back during some point of the year?
Can anybody who's bought something online from LEC recently tell me what was included with the package? I want to return a shirt I bought a few weeks ago and I don't remember there being any sort of receipt or confirmation in the package, just the shirt. Would they still accept it?
First off, I'm sorry if there is a thread that this question could more neatly fit into. It seems like there is an official thread for almost every subject in fashion here except this one, as far as I could find. Anyways, I'm looking for some suggestions for nice winter hats. I really liked the look of those Inverallan beanies but it looks like they don't produce them any longer. Any help would be appreciated.
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