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Spacepopes fit makes a lot more sense now after your comment. Sometimes a little context brings WAYWT to the next levelNice fit 'popeReminds me of "edge of tomorrow"
I'd probably pair it with darker trousers. medium gray to navy. Going to keep the houndtooth jacket definitely...I like it
After following this thread for what feels like an eternity, I finally ordered some pants. Size 33 flannel Walt trousers came in today and to my surprise, fit pretty well. I knew going in the waist was going to be big since I sized up to accommodate my seat. Few questions: 1) Because the flannel is a thicker, heavier fabric...can this be why there is no pocket flare? Or did I size correctly? 2) Should I be the same size for all Walt cut trousers regardless of fabric...
^ Kamakura OCBD
I re-watched bits and pieces of "Edge of Tomorrow" and was realizing how great Tom Cruise is then remembered Top Gun I'll have to watch "Collateral" and "Jack Reacher"
Can you be a little bit more specific?I love both of my current Destin scarves, so soft, wispy, and large. The jackets are still on the table though the houndstooth is really lovely. [[SPOILER]]
that's kind of the point
Some recent purchases, and some that have arrived:Beautiful red color, large scarf (wool/cashmere/silk)You guys think this can be my go to gray jacket? Houndstooth pattern (virgin wool, flannel). Can this particular pattern look dated? [[SPOILER]] Not a fan of this jacket in person. It is actually tagged one size larger than the gray houndstooth but overall fits a bit smaller/shorter. Was also hopping it to be a rich brown but the stripes are more apparent in person, and...
Jacket came in...beautiful fabric. It is so soft and hangs nicely (a bit of a gap in the around the neck, right side)
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