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If anything the Maxi coat would be more fitted due to the shoulders. Kaftan is like throwing on a blanket.
It fits huge
Fabio Quaranta 100% wool Size medium (Fits 46L to 48R jacket) 9/10 Condition
I really enjoyed the second half of the POR vs LA game. GG Crawford went cold starting the 4th..
Is the U last sized the same as F last? Does the U last in the same size appear longer?
About that sizing variation I noticed this seasons linen IM Pub Jacket fits slightly different between colors. Anyone notice the same with their IM knits? I am curious if the dying process of the linen changes the fit, @gdl203. Maybe it shrinks it a little. I wear a size medium and one jacket fits just about perfect while the other is a little closer fitting, enough to be noticeable but still fits good. I also noticed the former feels more springy, adds to the looseness,...
Add Blake Griffin to the injured list
[[SPOILER]] So I picked this up today along with some shades.I'm not in suits at all. A few times a year maybe and only have a few pocket squares to my name. I thought this would be a nice alternative to the white and a plain cream. I also like the larger dimensions.Seeing how I rarely use a PS I was pretty excited seeing this and examining it closer online. Even if it doesn't get much wear I feel like I'm collecting a little piece of art. The colors appear quite neutral,...
I just had to get another light blue university stripe OCBD. The particular oxford fabric is really soft similar to my worn light blue OCBD. Do not know why but the white OCBD I have feels a lot more stiff, wish it was softer. This is also why I picked up a white button in cotton twill as an alternative. Was bummed it was sold out online by the time I realized I need another. Ordering from the NY store is pretty cool when you receive your package via USPS Priority 2-3...
I agree with the white canvas sneakers and if you want a belt maybe consider a braided one. No Man Walks Alone has some braided belts and canvas slip on right up that alley. I really like my braided belt in navy from Farnese, would like good with that suit. Monotone look for the SW&D aesthetic.
New Posts  All Forums: