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FW13 * * * One thing I really enjoy about Christophe Lemaire are the sleeves of of the knits, jackets and coats. So easy to put on and just go. Very effortless
thanks for the recs; will check out Edwin Jagger. I'm more cold in the morning versus curled up in bed FWIW. And I hate changing out of a t-shirt in the morning. Messes with my hairdo Hence, I prefer a button up or even a zipper...been chilling with a tank top for now but got to throw on the robe quick
@dieworkwear thanks! Will bookmark them. * * * I'd like to treat myself: Suggestions for badger brush re: shaving I have an "Art of Shaving" badger brush and would like to upgrade. Something softer and create a fuller lather. I shave daily. Suggestions for some slim, fitted pajamas. Been sleeping in Uniqlo sweats, pretty warm and soft. Are there any makers or labels in sleepwear that have a slim fitting, soft and warm set for sale? I do not like when the top billows...
The hanger project is worth the price
Very cool I would shorten the pants a little
I googled this question last night and the one source I read said the index finger is pretty norm. Which hand is personal preference.
I guess it's just cosmetic if it was CM gear is be more OCD. Just a Lemaire coat I just recently picked up the other one ha Target finally stocked it but haven't had a chance to use it yet. I'll pm you @dieworkwear what was that fancy dey cleaner you posted about? Perhaps I should send them my gear.
I don't mind Part of the wear and tear, just never experienced it...or never cared to notice. Anyway to get it out? I'm more worried it causing damage in the long term like fading the area or something. Guess I need a technical jacket for those rainy days
How to get rain spots out of wool? Didn't realize rain could cause stains. Will it dmg the wool if untreated? Wore a coat and trousers in the rain and now they both have faint spots.
Re: melo and James, I thought losing weight was suppose to alleviate the on court injuries. Fwiw I was not a supporter of the weight lose. It's too bad hearing about the superstars current situations
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