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I always like alfalfa in my sandwiches. I am still waiting for No Man Walks Alone to re-stock a pair of F last oxfords. It shall be my one and only black dress shoe.
@OccultaVexillum That's nice. I would prefer to either have the shirt tucked with some cuff showing or shirt untucked and no cuff showing. I think the shah told me that one time and it made quite an impression. You should ditch the hat. Lemaire wants you to show off your hair.
Wasn't expecting to see the actress and actor back together again so soon. May have avoided this if I had recognized Armas on the movie cover since Knock Knock was just a good filler movie and nothing great. Exposed has a good twist if you get lost enough in the story. Otherwise, I don't think the audience here will find much enjoyment from this flick. Ms. Armas is beautiful.
Nice that there seems to be less demand this time around. To me everything seems more wearable for everyday. I think the double forward pleat pants will wear better due to the thinner fabric compared to FW15. Glad to have picked up some of those convertible collar shirts, missed out last year. Just need to nail down the fit.
Great feedback on the linen and knit shirts, thanks!
@Rusty Can I toss the linen shirt into my front load washer on no spin, hang dry, then, iron? I feel like for linen the wrinkles will settle in and will be a pain to iron out. Or do most people hand wash linen? I had 1 linen shirt before and it shrunk in the wash if I remember correctly.
For those who launder at home, how does the linen wash and iron out?
Rota MTO allows for zipper front right? And it sounds like a reverse pleat is available. I thought the pairs online were with reverse pleats forward pleats. I guess the OP does not like those. I've seen a few photos online with a reverse pleat that looks nice, like the dudes from The Armoury. Also, will there be Sal trousers for SS16 or pants similar to this? (This pair has the forward pleats.) Agh, I was thinking about the pre-order... it is the Lorenzo pants that have...
New Posts  All Forums: