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is it because he's wearing Siki Im?
@hendrix dude wth at least it looks cozy
That's less than $160
@StanleyVanBuren I think Teger means well, but I will agree and disagree on both of your points. Opt for the classic fit if the maker offers one e.g. classic vs slim Forget cuffs. IME it either doesn't work for everyone or not everyone can find a skilled enough tailor to get that perfect pant length to pant cuff ratio. Instead, opt for what Teger suggested a military hem (slanted hem). It will look far better for achieving that clean front break especially for fuller cut...
Aaron Rodgers, Olivia Munn, A Sword, And A Kendo Stick
Been grinding out a lot of TERA and playing CS 1.6 death match. What are games with good soundtracks? Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim seem to have some great tracks based off of Pandora. I want to be engrossed and I think a good soundtrack or even background music will keep me engaged more. I think that is why I was into RPG games.
30% off sale items still happening at Haberdash Men - Eidos Napoli HAPPYSUMMER Navy silk Tenero jacket and cotton knit cardigan
I think it's the hardware that gives it more of that utilitarian look. Maybe dye the buckles and let the vest just hang loose. It'll play it down, though, it may give the look an entirely different feel. Vest hanging unbuckled gives the outfit a less polished look.
^One of us, one of us! When you going to pick something up, @dieworkwear? I am intrigued as to how you'd wear Lemaire. I was up at 3 and snagged the Lemaire oversized tee and suit jacket. Got 2 suits now. Maybe 3 if I decide to pickup the "summer suit" this SS15.
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