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I took a size 85 in the tubo belt, would I be a size large in the Olona?
Is that where Moo got his jacket? I thought this was all happening in SF. Oh well. ^Thanks
for all you old guys, there's always Yohji AMIRITE??
You have a shop in SF, CA, right? Could I stop by beforehand to get fitted should I decide to join the GMTO?
Have any of you thought about modeling for a store? 'Sup @artishard116
I just picked up some Nano As far as I understand it only protects against liquids. Scuffs and indentations are still going to leave a mark/imprint on the suede. I guess that's where the suede brush and eraser come in. Just be careful about "hitting" the shoe and where you walk.
Thanks!If you asking me I was wearing a navy uniqlo suit
"Maiden voyage" indeed... about 10+ hours on foot, first wear. Very comfortable (more on this later). Sorry for a horrible photo but after a long dayand it was the only time I remembered to snap a shot. Shoe is barely visible =\ Regarding the heel, I now understand how some say Carmina heel fits a bit loose. I don't mind it, really. Questions is should I use shoe trees in respect to the shoe size or size down one? Will it stretch out the shoe even more?
In-N-Out water cup
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