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Are the RG x CP side zip good year welted? Probably not... Do you guys add a rubber sole?
So nothing happened after the first episode. Great
Yeah I guess toebox is also what I am referring to. Surprisingly these fit great around the ankle area too. I need to find time to try them on again.
Something like this: I had one in a different color, it's a nice watch iMO for starter. Back in the day when I was curious about EDC heh heh
My main problem is in the in step / ball of the foot. I do not feel any flex when I tried on, really stiff. Not sure if requires breaking the shoe in or potentially cause some integrity issues with the sole/last. Otherwise, I dig the sand color. It is nice and fills a hole in my shoe rack. decisions, decisions
that steven alan logo on the face bothers me If you want to go cheap and reliable, Seiko has some good options in similar matte color.
But did RFX get his?
Had a chance to try in RGxCP side zip. The boot shaft is fine, but not sure how you guys fit your foot in the boot. The vamp and instep is quite low even for me and my foot is wide and flat. Do people take their same size in the CP sneaker as the boot? I think the particular side zip is narrow and flat, do people size up/TTS? How is the break in process? Any stretch after wear?
It is a very plain black coat. The blackness emphasizes how flat and shapeless the whole thing looks. I imagine you can find something form Uniqlo for 1/4 the price. It's ubiquitous looking coat and nothing special about it. You may think differently. In which case who cares what we think then.
Which one of those do you think you will change your mind about?
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