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Hi guys, I drive a 09 Civic. Just changed the floor mats today hoping it will help in alleviating a problem: my suede Carmina oxfords heel counter was getting scuffed / premature balding. I was at Walmart looking at their selections. I was going to pickup the clear plastic at first but it just looks really cheap. I wanted to stay away from anything resembling carpeting as I think that was the problem with the stock floor mats to begin with. Ended up with something made...
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Anyone have suggestions on replacement laces for the Loake Kempton ins brown suede? It seems these laces are pretty fragile despite my first pair snapping while I was driving to work one day. I am using the second pair that came with the shoe and they look like they're going to snap, too. FWIW the stock pair broke after 1 year I think. The second pair seems to be half that time. Also, I am rotating between 3 to 5 pair of shoes a week and have never experienced any shoe...
[[SPOILER]] this is my ideal fit during the summer here. please post deets next time. TIA
Q: I have already an all-purpose brush; what other "staple" brushes should I have in my inventory? And I find the current brush's bristles a little short now, what is a good starting length I should pickup?
uniqlo uniqlo uniqlo uniqlo
I heard Initial D was good
It still amazes me how others impression of you can be based solely on your dress. In my case I dropped off a shirt at the dry cleaners today at 9:30 AM. I looked like a physician according to the owner there. I was wearing a spread collar shirt, long coat, trousers and oxford shoes. I said "No" "Work in financial services" "Have to go in the office to help out with clients" He voiced back at how successful I was at a young age. I was just going in to help out my boss.
Gray is for farmer?
The Intarsia actually fits me pretty well IMO...ribbed sleeves ftw
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