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I have a Pub jacket and really like it: Do you size all IM tops the same? I noticed it can vary slightly depending on the weave pattern. Is there going to be Pub jacket for pre-order? Any Pub jacket expected this season?
LN-CC always carries these new designers. When I see Fanmail I just think of DST FAN Mail. lol..
So, I received 2 packages from Kamakura. First package with the light blue university stripe OCBD and white button down herringbone. Kamakura replied back to my email and apologized for not catching my request sooner before dispatching the goods. What they did was ship a second shirt of the one I wanted. It arrived and I definitely prefer the twill to the herringbone. More so, they included a nice handkerchief or pocket square. It is great...I like the size, 18x18". A...
Thanks for the background, maybe I should experiment more.
@il_colonnello That's a great find. Whatever I picked up cost no where near that much for one thing. Now I am more intrigued what I purchased. I'll be a little bummed if it is really CdG. Hopefully I will be happily surprised. I've shopped a lot, first Yoox-roulette occurrence.
First impulse purchase: Lemaire
Michonne or Rosita is my guess. [[SPOILER]] The episode gave me a headache since I got so anxious. I really thought they were going to pan out and show somebody's skull smashed in. It was pretty eerie how the one who met Lucille took the first hit, looked up, and blood started poring down. Good use of the first-person POV, it gets you more immersed into the scene IME.I like the choice of actor for Negan. His charisma makes me hate him more.
@bry2000 @FLW @FrankCowperwood @Epaulet Thanks for the comments. FLW got it right. Hopefully I can nail down the size since I want to eventually pick up a few pairs in wool to wear in the office. I actually like the cotton fabric of the Taylor trousers. It's not too thin and is light and soft. Actually I would not think there is a need to break in the pants but I guess it depends how hard wearing you like your trousers. For my sedentary lifestyle I think they would be...
The Epaulet Taylor (size 33) came in yesterday. Quick shipping, compliments to the team for using USPS Priority. I always like USPS for all domestic mail. I threw on the pants and asked for some help to document a quick fit pic. The pants are very comfortable. My initial impressions was no work needed to be done in the waist, felt perfect and I just required an alteration to the inseam. I do feel like there is extra material in the seat especially the back rise (and...
It's Tool Time!
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