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A phone you can put away in your pockets or bag. A watch is in plain site. After all, it is a luxury good. Perhaps people are hesitant about the backlash that may come with display the tech on your wrist. Buyers are still weary. Outside of the Bay Area and major metro areas who else would really utilize the gadget? How many people still wear watches? There should be a survey for just Styleforum members to see who even wears a watch nowadays. I think the population is...
Middle shirt is cool
http://sabah.am/ Looks like something I can be down for. Thanks @dieworkwear with always the best sources! edit: There is suede https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/81873230/How%20We%20Sabah%20_%20ORDERING%20GUIDE.pdf For color references: https://instagram.com/thesabahdealer/?hl=en * * * While on the topics of slippers, I remembered these (dieworkwear knows this one too): http://singhandson.com/ (Site maintenance. I may have to order a pair, they look pretty nice...
AE 511 last (Leeds model) size US8.5 = Meermin Hiro last size UK8 Hiro last for me initially fit pretty tight all around but has since loosened up. I believe someone mentioned that the Hiro last has a higher instep. I added a tongue pad eventually, which helped. I may try the Park last next.. I think Olfe maybe just perfect if the Hiro last is loose after the break in period. YMMV And FWIW I do have flat fleet with minimal arch.
For those who ordered a belt, how have you liked it so far? I am ordering a pair of black oxford and thought I might as well purchase a dark brown belt that's been missing in my rotation. BTW, how dark is this anyone know? https://www.meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=4414
Yeah exactly.Actually your whole post equals the right side of my closet.
I would love to visit the place!
Of course, you're that one Asian guy right? Welcome back to the fold! Cool shoes (0).
Those look nice, don't look too small at all.
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