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^ @conceptionist I was suppose to get those same pleated pants but preorder got canceled. LMK if you decide to let go of the 48. SS17 looks nice, I like the colors a lot from my quick glance
CLE Aand LBJ did it!^The last 6 minutes CLE really showed they wanted this
That's nice but Proper Cloth is not OTR and I don't like fidgeting with numbers I'll have to check it out. Maybe I can send them one of my Kamkura shirts to copy the pattern.
Do you happen to have a recommendation for more CM-eqsue shirt in a similar blue color? I've been waiting for Kamakura to release one. I was thinking button down collar.FWIW Uniqlo has a linen shirt in similar blue color.
26-9 CLE though
I was thinking more of the F last though but Vass when done right is beautiful. Guys in the artisanal thread talk about leather boots all the time but Vass would be equally as cool. I find some semblance between Vass and MMoria if both done in a simple black shoe.
^that sounds nice. i will wait patiently for when you finally consider zipper front. any restocks for tubo belts?
^Need pics I would go with Vass too
I meant that I bought first pair, wore it once and sold it. Few years passed and picked up another pair, never wore it and sold it. After sometime I picked up again along with the boot and ended up selling both without wearing them. They look really good from the side profile fwiw..
Yeah the QC seems really bad but AE has a pretty good CS, and the point I was making is that I had a pair of AE (second hand as well) and after all the Raf derby I've gone through it has not compared to the Leeds model. I think some people were saying that the Raf derby fits weird on the foot and cause odd creases to mid and forefoot. Honestly, I would just go with a trusted shoemaker like Vass, which I am also trying to research. Although, Raf derbiy are made by an...
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