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that's cool
Is that Lemaire?
How long have you had those shoes? My Norweger shoes right foot has developed a bit of creasing across the vamp not visible on the left foot. Just curious Don't you think about changing out the shoe tree, btw? I've realized that Vass lasted shoe tree doesn't help much in filling out the show.
Yeah she's cut but -100 points for not researching & due diligence before posting that vid. But I get it, thanks RFX...Metcon looks better and seems it will perform nicer, too.
Thanks for posting!Stores:
She's so clueless it hurts
http://www.threedifferent.com/online-clothes-sales/men/Lost&Found/113467/1/Accessories/Belts/294/4/0/Lost&Found-Belt-Man.asp http://www.threedifferent.com/online-clothes-sales/men/Forme/112974/1/Clothing/Blazers/326/1//Forme-Blazer-Man.asp http://www.threedifferent.com/online-clothes-sales/men/Forme/112942/1/Clothing/Cardigans/246/1//Forme-Cardigan-Man.asp http://www.threedifferent.com/online-clothes-sales/men/Forme/112979/1/Clothing/Coats/331/1//Forme-Coat-Man.asp htt...
Needs a full photo but it looks good. Got your PM, thanks.
I think it was this thread, someone asked for a better photo, which this is not =\ Grainy iPhone pic but maybe give you a better idea of the proportions/volume and overall fit. Yak cardigan from FW13: Rant: If anyone has solutions for taking better indoor photos with the iPhone 5, pls lmk. I like the added timer option and my case allows for the phone to stand on its own, but kind of annoying when photos a few feet away end up really blurry. Maybe I should take my...
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